Increase in female gamers equalizes gaming

The image of the typical gamer has been something of a caricature: a rambunctious teenage male mashing buttons with his friends or a post-college mama’s boy cooped up in his parents’ basement.

Most of us acknowledge these stereotypes as funny exaggerations, but the crux of their humor lies in a key assumption — gamers are still portrayed as fundamentally male.

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DC19803435d ago

I see nothing wrong whatsoever with female gamers. If it's something they enjoy, go for it.

Alos883435d ago

Just because there are more of them doesn't automatically mean they are going to be treated better, let alone equally. I think you may be overestimating the maturity of the average gamer a bit.

DarkBlood3435d ago

sadly yeah theres too many of those whats the word (fools) that no matter if anyone like me or anyone else treating females equally is just going to be overshadowed

caseh3435d ago

'gamers are still portrayed as fundamentally male'

Thats because they are...

These surveys are usually flawed, unless its a consensus thats based upon the entire nation then its target demographic has no grounding or basis to cast the assumption that 'female gamers equalize gaming'.

Been playing online games for years, i've heard female gamers over mics ingame a handful of times. Whether or not 99% of females gamers are mutes is a possibility or they only play offline? hmmmmm.

FragGen3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

I've known maybe one or two female hardcore gamers. Just because someone on FB plays a few games does not make them a gamer. You can fuss about equality all you want, but the thematic elements in games are inherently masculine (competition, destruction, action) it will remain a male dominated thing.

Sure some game types may widen the gender appeal of certain classes of games but no amount of statistical spinning will change the reality of the fact that there will probably always be more men that are really "into" gaming than women. No one is stopping women from playing, it is just not as appealing because it does not resonate with their fundamental nature as much as it does to most men's, which really is not a problem. It's okay to have hobbies/activities that are more appealing to one gender or another.

No one (with any sense) complains that drag racing is a male dominated hobby or claims that it needs "fixing" because of this.

Start a sewing club and see how many men show up.

It's not prejudice, it's just self selection. Let us guys game and any ladies that want to show up: more power to you. The more the merrier. But for the most part you're looking at a sausage fest.