Xboxer360: Goldeneye Reloaded Review

Xboxer360's Richard Berry writes: Throughout the years there have been several games that can be described as “pillars” of the FPS genre. Starting with Wolfenstein and Doom, each generation of console has contributed something to the pot. In the late 90s the N64 brought us Goldeneye, a single player experience which brought multiple optional objectives depending on the games difficultly level; the iconic health and armour bar graphic and the finest 4-player split screen which would lead on a generation of gamers crying out for a revamp on the latest consoles. Goldeneye Reloaded has finally made it’s way over from the Wii and will now please many gamers wanting to relive their nostalgic years of playing with 3 mates crowded round a TV screen. It’s true some things are best left to memory but in the case of Goldeneye Reloaded it would be unfair to tarnish the legend of that fantastic game on the N64 – Reloaded is a shadow of its former self and in my opinion doesn’t deserve to carry the weight of the name ‘Goldeneye’ in the title.

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