Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Announced for Windows

Microsoft announced today that the Hardware Group will release the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows this December. The new controller, designed by the Xbox 360 team, works with Windows XP-based PCs and Xbox 360.

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Chewy 1015855d ago

Is it really that much different from the actual wireless one?
I'll shun this one and just buy the little device that lets play with my current wireless controller.

Marriot VP5855d ago

No, it shouldn't be. All the difference you'll notice is that you'll have to plug in something into your USB to make it wireless. And yes they already have the wired one that works on PC's and 360's.

Microsoft Master5855d ago

I like how it says '8 way movement for ultimate precision in directional pad' or something like that. Put it simply, the 360 D-pad is sh*t!

DEIx15x85854d ago

This is just the standard 360 controller that is bundled with the wireless receiver. This was announce along time ago.