The Jimquisition: Hate Out Of Ten

Review controversies are nothing new, but things went from bad to worse this year with gamers going crazy every time a major title got scored by various outlets. The "Year of Threes" have created more high profile titles than ever, and spawned more insane fanboys than the world knows what to do with. Even worse, the review score system has gotten so thoroughly screwed that 8/10 just doesn't cut it anymore. It's now become Hate/10.

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ReservoirDog3163499d ago

He's an excessive person yeah...but you gotta give him credit for speaking up like he does.

I saw a lot of 8's for ACR and I read the reviews and they said it's the same great Assassin's Creed but kinda samey. Great, best of the series, but samey. So it gets an 8. And now there's an article saying it got mediocre reviews. If the numbers were gone, people would say it got great reviews but people just love looking at those numbers. It's odd.

I don't view reviews as worthless like so many people do. Decide for yourself, don't let others tell you what to like ect. I don't buy it. I don't mind having people give opinions on if they liked something or not. At $60 a pop, it isn't bad to find out if the camera is horrible or pathetically short or repetitive ect before you pay up. But to obsess over the number like so many people here do, well, it's just odd.

Hufandpuf3499d ago

I agree, reviewers say MW3 is samey, yet they give it 9s. But i guess that doesn't apply to AC. Oh well, I'm skipping both and have bought Skyrim, BF3, and Saint's Row 3.


truly agree with jim on this one, its gone too far

knifefight3499d ago

Yeah. He's 100% correct about everything he said in this one.

floetry1013499d ago

I think this opinion piece is especially relevant right now given all the massive game releases in this holiday season. Say what you will about Jim Sterling, the man delivers a searing commentary on the state of the gaming community here. He doesn't really touch on the metacritic "score dragging" in this video, but he's absolutely right in regard to review criteria and gamer expectation.

dennett3163499d ago

Loved that video, eleventy billion out of 10!!!!

Unfortunately it seems that a large proportion of people who take part in a hobby I've loved for 20 + years are absolute cretins.
Perspective and maturity are alien concepts, now it's just an endless stream of arguing about review scores to the point that, frankly, I'm not sure how they have the time to play these games that they love sooo much that 8/10 is considered a mediocre score.
Never, ever go onto a Game Trailers comment section, the sheer stupidity on display will blow your damn mind. They don't grasp the simple concept that a score is used to reflect the quality of ONE particular game, the one being reviewed. Instead they whine and bitch about how one game from a completely different genre was rated higher than another and asking if the reviewer was an idiot for doing this when the game they like is obviously superior....and this is the difference between a 9.2 and a 9.3 we're arguing about here, it's completely pathetic.

It's getting to the point where I'm actually ashamed to be a gamer. I'm not the smartest person in the world - a second class degree in film and media studies, whoo, a cat could achieve that - but I'm so far beyond some of the idiots who excrete their crap all over the internet that I'm actually fearful of a future with these morons in our midst.

Newsman3499d ago

Funny and worth a look.

"That seemed like an emotional crutch of someone who clearly doesn't know how to operate in the real world."

Oh the irony!

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