Halo Combat Evolved - 2001 vs 2011 visuals

Halo: Combat Evolved has gotten the HD remake treatment, which has made for a solid albeit aged shooter experience.

The remake, appropriately subtitled 'Anniversary' to celebrate Combat Evolved's 10th birthday, sports new HD visuals, which definitely add new life to the dry and gray interiors of yesteryear.

Just how different does the game look in 2011 compared to 2001?

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tdogchristy902530d ago

Gah! After seeing the comparison, I cant wait! I still own my original copy, still play it, and still remember when it first came out and a friend introduced me to CE back in 8th grade when I moved. I can't wait to relive it!

insomnium22530d ago

Looks mighty fine. If I ever get an x360 again this game will be mine. I still love, have and play the original.