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Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid writes "Skyward Sword feels like the perfect celebration of the Zelda series' 25-year history. From the packed-in CD containing the best music from the franchise performed by a full orchestra, to the option to purchase the game with a golden Wii Remote Plus, the whole package feels more like an event than any other Nintendo release in recent memory. It would be a shame if the game weren't able to match the quality of its optional pack-ins (I'm looking at you, Epic Mickey). Thankfully, Skyward Sword delivers."

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Shok4333d ago

Good review.

Actually made sense as opposed to GameTrailer's.

SonyNGP4332d ago

Dey took our fishing minigame!!

Shok4332d ago

"We never thought we'd see a console Zelda without fishing"

Wind Waker
Majora's Mask

"It has some pretty bland and confusion dungeons"
"...has some of the best dungeons in the series' history"

"The game feels outdated"
(And MW3 didn't)

Kran4333d ago

I am surprised Jim didn't review this. Isn't Jim into Zelda a lot?

Either he had too much to do, or he would have just given it a 10 for being Zelda. lol

Acquiescence4332d ago

but you don't see him critiquing pie and pie-based products on cooking websites now do you.

Kran4332d ago

Yeah there's a difference to general eating and video games.

Think of a better comparison if you're doing to be cocky :/

BattleTorn4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

I have to admit I only play good-looking games; my game's have got to have that eye-candy.

And seeing Skyward Sword get perfect scores (like IGN's 10/10) have me wanting to scream "Objection! How can a game neglect graphics, yet score perfect?"

But I have realized; that you must know what a game has to offer, and not expect everything from every game.

For reviews to consider people like me who demands graphical improvements, is like a COD review having to take into account people who prefer non-violent videogames.

It's simply not in the cards to begin with.

(see what I did? I disliked a game while respecting others' right to do so. Take notes N4G. /sarcasm)

rexbolt4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

you fail as a gamer ans a person yo say you like eye candy? and yet i neglect art style? you contradict yourself just cus a game has good grafics does not make make it look good hmm gears is ugly as crap and so is skytim and cod looks like a old ps2 gaame so yeah and ut ptrtty uch dying if game looks good its good hmm odd

dark-hollow4332d ago

Actually skyward sword is pretty good loking thanks to the wonderful art style.
A breath of freash air from the usual bland brown and grey.

mamotte4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

You should count "graphical improvements" by how good or bad a game looks. Not by counting how many pixels and polygons it has.

TheDivine4332d ago

This looks so damn good but I cant help but think how much more excited i would be if it were in hd. I know it will play the same but its hard to go back to sd after seing un3, gears 3, and skyrim. It does hurt the game unfortunately. Nintendo shouldve had the wii u drop with zelda and have a hd version using the tablet for menus and maps. I wouldve bought one day 1 for that, huge missed opportunity. Still once i get into it il forget all about the definition and will love every second!

Khordchange4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

I wish Jim reviewed this, it would have been awesome

"and all of those people complaining about skyward Sword are gonna love it, and do you know why? Because Link has a f**king golden beetle that sits on his arm and goes and catches things like a f**king paragon falcon, 10 out of f**cking 10. That is amazing, you're stupid, F**k Off!"

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Yup, looks like Nintendo "sales" pricing.


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