Official Wii pricing and release date revealed!

After months of speculation, Seattle's largest newspaper confirms the price and release date of Nintendo's new console.

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Phenom195858d ago

yea i was hoping for $200, wat games are gonna be out for launch?

HyperBear5858d ago

more than what PS3 and 360 have out for there launches. Most likely it will be around like 20-25.

HyperBear5858d ago

So i guess ill be buying a PS3 on friday and a Wii on Sunday. That will be a good weekend for me. Cant wait

TheMART5858d ago

Depends on the fact if you will manage to get a PS3. I'll bet the Wii will be there in larger quantities, but the PS3 will be a struggle untill Sony get it's production up.

THE TRUTH5858d ago

I wonder exactly how many units will be avalible at launch and when will europe be getting the wii? I think the price-point was alittle high but not unreasonable for what it's offering gamers. 50$ for a game seems alittle high, but if the games are good then I have no real problem with it. All around I have to say the wii is looking pretty good but I wonder why they are waiting til Dec 2 to debut in Japan?

BlackCountryBob5858d ago

$250, thats a bit much I think, it would be fair if it included 2 wiiwands and nunchucks and the wii sports game but as it doesn't its overpriced by about $50! As I will assume in the UK we will also get the usual price hike just because every company screw Europe I guess it'll be £180 which is much to close to the price of the core Xbox 360(£199), I really dunno which one to buy but I guarentee it'll be only one console this generation coz I really cannot afford all three! Either way, launching after the PS3 an also the release of a system shifter like GOW seems a mistake, I would have bet my house on a Halloween release!

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