IBM Not Waiting for PS3

Sony's PlayStation 3 console may be off to a late start in the latest round of the console wars. But the company cranking out Sony's silicon is finding plenty of uses for the PlayStation 3's cell processor in the here and now. IBM's latest use for the chip is in blade servers based on the processor, which began shipping today.

Dubbed BladeCenter QS20, IBM is pitching the new server to customers running heavy-duty graphics. Last week, IBM said it was building a supercomputer based on Cell as well as AMD chips, possibly overcoming the speed and cooling limits of current supercomputing architecture.

And last year, Big Blue announced a partnership with Mercury Computer, a public company based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, to create Cell-based designs for defense and medical device products like radar, sonar, MRI, and X-ray.

Good thing IBM, which developed the processor with Sony and Toshiba, is so creative with uses for the Cell. The Sony PS3 console has had a bumpy ride.

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ASSASSYN 36o5860d ago

This should read IBM not confident is sony PS3 so they are pimping out the processor.

coolfool5860d ago

So you are saying that if IBM was confident in the PS3 it wouldn't be doing this? That is obviously rubbish.

When companies spend millions on designing and developing a new processor it needs to reap as many rewards from that developement as possible.

The chip is developed, now it needs to be sold in the highest number possible to ensure maximum profits. Thats obvious isn't it?

shotty5860d ago

IBM spent millions on the cell, obciously they have to put it in something to make the money back.

dantesparda5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Fanboy! (you to DreDawg)

DreDawgg075860d ago

IM sure the money will come just not in the amount of time that IBM wants to wait for...

Marty83705859d ago

IBM make Cell Blade Servers,which is what Sony need for their PS3 Online Network.This is good news not bad