Nintendo's Most Humorous Games Of All Time

One thing I really appreciate Nintendo for is providing me with light-hearted whimsical games. The market is saturated with dark, gritty games all doing the same thing — handing you a gun and making you shoot things. But in this article we are not just going to look at light-hearted. We're going to focus on humor. Games that are hilarious, bizarre, and sometimes quite insane!

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TheFirstClassic3508d ago

Fighting a giant pile of shit in Conker's bad fur day is my most memorable boss fight. It doesn't get much more epic than that.

Venox20083508d ago

Conker my best game ever and that poo fight was really epic.. and two more: fight with a boiler and caveman, where you had to bite it's balls with dinosaur :D :D :D I couldn't stop laughing.. :)