Mrinalini Sharma Admits She Is A Gamer

Bollywood actress Mrinalini Sharma says that she is a tomboy at heart.

The pretty Mrinalini Sharma, who is seen at most parties as a glamorous doll, is actually a rugged gamer. She says, "Honestly, I'm a tomboy when I'm in my elements." She confesses to be okay with playing video games for hours. Her pretty suburban home is like a den for her friends.

She says, "All my guy friends usually come over for these gaming sessions that go on forever. We also watch matches together and I feel just like one of them during such sessions."

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Septic2530d ago

Never heard of her but she is hot. Pretty cool that she is a gamer. Wish my girl was a gamer :'( Would be a far less-expensive affair buying her games as opposed to £400 shoes and handbags.

majin-vagina2530d ago

Thumbs up if you clicked on the link just because you like the actress :P ;)

KonGreat2530d ago

hahah, tell her to buy her own shoes mate!
I just pay dinner for my gf every now and then and give her some original presents. Originality is a boyfriend's best friend! (: (And it pays off a lot better!)

Anyways on topic, that's pretty cool. Would have loved to see what she games though :P

egidem2530d ago

Me too. Never heard of her before. But a hot chick who admits that she's a gamer will always score more points in my book. It's that simple.

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Ocean2530d ago

Dont follow Bollywood at all so i've no idea who she is...looking at the pic though, she is attractive

ironfist922530d ago

Thats the extent of Bollywood's acting ability. If you look hot, you can appear in films.

Pro_TactX2530d ago

She "admits" that she is a gamer. She "confesses" to playing for hours. When are we going to get to the point where being a gamer is not newsworthy?

LOGICWINS2530d ago

When the media stops being stupid...which will be never.

Hazmat132530d ago

so she's a gamer big deal?

CynicalVision2530d ago

I know right? oh my god, she plays the odd video game...stop the presses!

f7897902528d ago

She has boobs! Oh my god!

tigertron2530d ago

She would be the perfect girlfriend if we could play games like Halo, Uncharted, Gears and Dead Space together.

CynicalVision2530d ago

Totally, forget about having other interests, as long as she's a gamer then she must be perfect!

tigertron2530d ago

Relationships build upon common interests, so yeah.

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The story is too old to be commented.