NPD: BF3 moves “just under” 2 million, 360 still tops

October 2011 saw a 1% increase in sales yoy to $1.08 billion compared to $1.07 billion the year prior, according NPD’s monthly US figures.

Software grew 3%, increasing from $604.8 million to $621.3 million, with Battlefield 3 the clear winner with just under 2 million units sold across all platforms. Frazier said she expects “notable sales occurred via digital downloading as well,” for the title.

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Winter47th3600d ago

It's true. EA talked about Call of Duty more that Activision. They shot themselved on the foot by overhyping Battlefield 3. Hey, better luck in two years, again.

Trunkz Jr3600d ago

2 millions units is very good, it's their best selling Battlefield game now.

MW3 did 6.5 million units which is their best selling Call of Duty game now.

You can argue back and worth about which is better and who sells more but at the end of the day both games did very well in reviews, which ever game you play you should be proud of your series.

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jeremyKX3601d ago

Only 2 million? Didn't they just proclaim they shipped 10 mil and ended up with 5 mil sales in first week?

Focus3601d ago

NPD =/= the world, however 2 million is pretty low considering US buys most fps. It is still 2/5 so I guess its plausible that the rest of the world contributed 3/5 in sales.
If they shipped 10 million and sold less than 5 million, why was everybody having an orgy over uncharted 3 shipping 3.8 million?

zeeshan3600d ago

Because Uncharted is platform exclusive.

-Alpha3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

US may buy more FPS games but I thought BF3 was more popular in Europe.

BlmThug3601d ago

BF3 steam has run out very quickly. Its a great game but they kept bad mouthing the competition

awi59513600d ago

They have no idea what it sold digitally amazon sold it for 20 dollars cheaper i bet they sold a bunch by themselves. NPD isnt worth anything without walmart sales and digital download sales they are way the hell off. Most people buy their games from walmart or download.

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