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PS3 Outsells Wii in Japan: Famitsu Game Charts 2007-11-19/ 2007-11-25 and Sales

The latest Japanese sales charts from Famitsu:

1. DQ4 (DS)
2. Winning Eleven 2008 (PS2)
3. Winning Eleven 2008 (PS3)
4. Mario Party DS (DS)
5. Mega Man Star Force2 (DS)
6. FF XI: Wings of the Goddess (PS2)
7. Mario & Sonic at Beijing Olympics (Wii)
8. Dinosaur King (DS)
9. Pachinko Hissatsu Shigotonin III (PS2)
10. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Wii : about 47k
DSL : about 116k
PS3 : about 58k
PS2 : about 15k
PSP : about 89k
360 : about 5.8k

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MK_Red4072d ago

Great news. Hope PS3 survives WiiFit and keeps the lead over Wii in Japan.
With Lost Odyssey and Virtua Fighter 5, hopefully 360 sales will rise as well.

szeuner4071d ago

Owning a Wii and a 360, I guess i'm in the minority. I'm glad to see the ps3 do well (or better). Having Sony do well, employees workers and gives the other 2 companies competition. I think Sony has made alot of strides in a year. They've really started to listen to the owners of the ps3 and the complaints. I also guarantee they will never launch another system in the 600+ range. They've been humbled and that was something that was needed.

sonarus4071d ago

lost odyssey will give the 360 another sales boost but i doubt it will be as high as the 17,000 they got when they matched the ps3 unless offcourse they dish out another price cut. This jst proves that games sells consoles. PS3 is finally getting games that gamers wanna play in Japan. The next big title DMC4

MK_Red4071d ago

Excellent comment szeuner. Bubbles for you :)
The competition is always good and yes, Sony had to be humbled. Let's hope other companies don't make their mistakes and become over confident. Hopefully now that they've learned their lesson, PS3 sales rise even more so we could have a real hot 3 way race for consoles in 2008. More competition = Better games and products for us consumers.

mikeslemonade4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

The 80GB is selling as well if not better than the 40GB, so $500 is the right price to launch the console. This is Japan however and the PS3 is cheaper over there.

Lost Odyssey is going to give the same type of 360 boost as Halo 3 or Blue Dragon which was more popular at TGS then Lost Odyssey in the first place. I think Wiifit will sell like crazy in Japan. It's probably going to sell better than any Wii title yet even better than galaxy.

This data once again prooves all the xbots wrong who claim the U.S. is the largest market and the only market that matters. If you look early in the year the PS3 sold about 15,000 and the 360 sold about 4,000. Now the PS3 sells 60,000 compared to 5,000 360s. That gap is getting wider. Imagine when the exclusives come out and the PS3 sells 90,000 per week and 360 still selling 5,000. After Lost Odyssey there's not a single japanese exclusive that has been annouced for the 360 yet.

crank4071d ago

I would have to say there is no problem whatsoever launching a system at 600 dollars.

WHAT is the problem. That game journalists HEHE are just a bunch of paid quacks?

I for one want the best in technology and the PS4 will have bluray in it..... so all resources will be in the processors etc.

The cell was just setup, sony helped and got everything online and ready to go. Yeah it took a lot of money but it was the whole point to introduce us to HIGH DEF gaming as it is and will be.

Whether you like it or not the 360 is going to run into some massive problems in just 2 short years and will again have to be the first on the market with their own bluray equipped machine.

Sony took all their expertise and made only a slight gamble in my opinion: everyone in the know has predicted what is happening all along as are all those sony execs who truly know what is going on

the PS3 is succeeding just on target as predicted, by all their marketing campaigns the PS3 hasn't failed AT ALL

you are reading waaaaaay to much internet CRAP

so WHAT is the problem, you think all the sudden sony is just going to give up being the innovator and release some trash system like the wii--which I own--and just launch some 3oo dollar excuse.

I don' t think so, and I am pretty sure you can expect at least a 500 dollar PS4.

It's funny, but spending all that money was for a very logical reason that many of you biased people will just never understand:


tordavis4071d ago

Please take some of what you are smoking, put it in a little bag and mail it to me.

Sony has been humbled. They and all of their fans thought they were going to decimate the competition out the box. They didn't. So they've been humbled. They said the next generation doesn't start until they say so. Took them a year to say so but Microsoft had already started it. They've been humbled. Don't deny it. It's a fact. They bragged and boasted and had to make 3 price drops in the first year to start moving some serious units. They were humbled. There's nothing wrong with being humbled. They will survive and gamers like me that own both systems will reap the benefits.

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Real gamer 4 life4072d ago

This is Vcharts so i dont belive them. but according to this chart the ps3 outsold the wii for the third week in japan.

MK_Red4072d ago

This is not VG's sales. This is direct report from Famitsu but since the main source is Japanese, I use VGCharts link.

venum4072d ago

"The latest Japanese sales charts from Famitsu"
Is that's clear??
vgchartz just translate the news from Famitsu.

rushbd4072d ago

good job sony. now do something like that in US

texism4071d ago

Actually, this isn't for the fourth week in a row. It's either the second or third week that Famitsu is just confirming...

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gamesblow4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Amazing! Japan finally adopts their love child back... only they seem to have died the red out of Sony's hair. "ha" Good news, man. Great news, actually. Now, buy R&C, Resistance, Genji 2, Ninja Gaiden sigma, Oblivion, Lair, Heavenly Sword and Uncharted when that one drops. Those are my personal favorite games... After playing Motorstorm with my dualshock it's actually growing on me too, though. I use to loath it... now, well... now it's actually playable and sort of fun.

Back on topic, though... They out sold them by 11000 units. that's more than just a fluke... that's pretty damn good and even more so that this is their 3rd week of doing so. I'm really happy for Sony.

remix4072d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

microsoft has a cheaper console, and they released HALO 3, one of the most anticipated games in gaming history. they released mass effect and bioshock.

AND there at a lower price and there second year.
people, dont you guys realize that if the ps3 outsold the 360 in what is clearly gonna be the 360 strongest year because of halo3 that in 08, the 360 has no chance in hell. i cant believe this. although i do think the 360 will still win this holiday season in sales, it wont win by more then 200,000 consoles.

gamesblow4072d ago

Man, if you go into Lair wanting and expecting something different... the game is amazing! Look, sure it's not the must have game... and if you're going to only buy 1 to 3 games this year.. Yeah, don't get Lair. However, if you're going to buy 2 other games and Lair... Do it! simple as that. It offers up an experience you cannot get anywhere else. The graphics are amazing, the controls are different but they're effective... Give it a try, man.

Danja4071d ago

I totally agree about Lair..I did enjoy that game..just wished they had implemented a better targetng system..and more variety in missions..but everything esle..for the most part worked well..

but Genji isn't worth the money was rushed..the only thing that was great about the game was the graphics....

crank4071d ago

Totally agreed, we all know there was some sort of huge bias surrounding the PS3

Is lair a 60 dollar purchase, NO, hardly any games are

but I will eventually pick it up when I have a ps3 for 20 bucks, it's a solid 7 kind of game and that isn't half bad

stevenhiggster4071d ago

I think lair has proved that reviewers are poop, almost every reviewer said the game was garbage, but almost every player review has said it's actually pretty good. Sure no one has been fool enough to say it's amazing but at least they haven't shot it down just for being different. It's clear journo's just plain suck at games!

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predator4072d ago

good that the ps3 is picking up steam in japan, but can anyone tell me why the american one was failed when we have vg charts here every week?

MK_Red4072d ago

Some surprises. I was expecting Mario & Sonic to sell like hot cake in Japan. And Mario Galaxy at 10th after a month?

jam94071d ago

Mario or sonic is not big title in Japan these days. Japan is occupied by RPG (DQ and FF). You didn't show the number of DQ4. It was sold 602,000 according to Famitsu. DQ4 is not a new game. It was already released for Nintendo and PS. Then, this time it was released for DS and sold 602,000 in the first week. It's unbelievable.

Anyway, Sony did good job! Hoping PS3 is beating Wii at least for this month.

sonarus4071d ago

the problem with the wii is they marketed it to the wrong demographic. They not only went for the casual gamer but they brought in grandma's and grandpa's which is cool but if those are the majority of people that own your console then dnt expect it to be a system seller or a must have game for that matter. Wii fit will prob push more wii's than mario galaxy. The reason wii owners arent buying games is cus all they really wanna play is wii sports