PS forum mod confirmed that "HOME beta will not be available to the masses"

Mod of official EU Playstation forum commented on one of the thread (line #44):

"Hi Guys

This is totally rumour and speculation.

Home will not be available to the masses tomorrow.

That is confirmed.


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MaximusPrime_5043d ago

i respect that. Some idiot started spreading rumours and i know it is not true.

Rumours can cause miserably impatient people, blame it on sony. Sony didnt start the rumours. they only announced the version update.

I never listen to rumours and im always patient.

skillshot5042d ago

Yeh, please don't ask for it to be rushed or anything. I want a quality <game> when it comes out.

Theres more than enough to keep entertained with until then anyway...

If it gets rushed out, 360 fanboys will jump on the slightest problem with it, and try and discredit the entire thing, which could lead to Sony losing potential players.

gamesblow5043d ago

That asshole was Phil Harrison, though.. If you'll remember. He said in direct correlation to the guy who asked him about the delay "Yes, but the experience is still going to be there this year. that doesn't change. We're just not launching until the spring officially. The core, basic, gameplay is still going to be enjoyed and experienced by everyone who wishes to partake in it this holiday season"

That is damn near word for word what Phil said at TGS this year...

Shadow Flare5043d ago

And of course by my reckoning tommorow is the 1st of January

If Phil said the beta was coming out this year for everyone, then the beta most probably will be out this year for everyone. It doesn't have to be this Thursday

Koneesha5042d ago

He said it would be out late November Early DEcember do it should probally be out next week.:)

Marty83705043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

This year could mean any time upto the end of December 2007.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

mighty_douche5043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

way to use your powers of deduction *claps*

mighty_douche5043d ago

Good things come to those who wait!

remix5043d ago

you are completely right.
but then again, he said MASSES.


Skerj5043d ago

It's a smart move if the core functionality still isn't up to snuff. Otherwise we'd have a million people who don't understand what it means for something to be in beta complaining about broken things and spreading it out to the rest of the world.

Anego Montoya FTMFW5043d ago

you just explained the reason.

bbbbbbbbbubbbbbbbbbblllleesss sssssss

Skerj5042d ago

Haha yeah man I've seen it happen far too many times with PC games, people running around "OMG the game crashed this game sucks I'm not buying it!!". Then going everywhere telling everyone the game sucks because of some issues they had during beta. Sony's doing right to delay it until everything works at LEAST the way they outlined it in the trailers. We'll get over the delay but buggy half implemented features in the actual launch will leave a bad impression on people.

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The story is too old to be commented.