Move best suited for FPS? so why no Move support for 2 biggest FPS of the year

PlayStation Move is the best suited Motion Controller for first-person-shooters, according to Bioshock's writer & Creative Director , Ken Levine, so why was the 2 biggest FPS of the year released without PlayStation Move support?

should Sony push 3rd party devs to support PlayStation Move? because not having Move support for Battlefield 3 & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was 2 big missed opportunities.

what are your thoughts on this? leave your comments below.

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Adva4403d ago

I would have used MOVE for Bf3.

NukaCola4403d ago

BF3 not having Move support is odd. But at the same time, the free BF1942 HD game with the PS3 version just vanished too.

MW3 supporting Move? LoL, that game can't even support itself. More is not better when the basics don't even work right.

NegativeCreep4274403d ago

That would be an advantage for the PS3 version. They would stop giving Activision millions of dollars in free money, and Activision doesn't want that.

decrypt4403d ago

There is mouse support for BF3 and MW3, i am pretty happy with that.

r1sh124403d ago

Why would MS be worried if mw3 had move support? Mw3 is way toooo fast paced on the Xbox and ps3 for move controls to be useful. If you want a similar experience get mw3 on the wii

reynod4403d ago

I am sure the modding community will release some unofficial patch to fix this later... oh wait :P Closed platforms dont allow such freedom.

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Mr Tretton4403d ago

Move is dead. No doubt Sony is more busy working on next gen hardware which nonetheless I think is going to be forwards compatible with the current Move controls, but will use a Kinect style camera. There is no way Sony is ignoring Kinect's success, and the abandonment of deicated Move software makes that clear.

cyclonus0074403d ago

If Move is dead than why are games like Goldeneye, Counterstrike, and Bioshock Infinite releasing with Move support?

SonyStyled4403d ago

i just used my move today, and im looking forward to using it in infamous 2 and goldeneye when i pick those up

Knushwood Butt4403d ago

I dislike playing FPSs with no Move support.

They are so better when Move is implemented (assuming the implementation is done well. Killzone 3 is an example of this).g

Nate-Dog4403d ago

Well it is a multiplatform game, and Activision do favour the X360 (like EA favour the PS3), I can't imagine that many people really would have used the Move for CoD anyway, I know some may like the option but the majority wouldn't have the Move and for those that do a lot of them probably wouldn't be fussed. If they wanted to integrate Move playability they'd probably want to integrate Kinect playability too and bringing those two into any game could take quite a while.

gamingdroid4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

As you said, it might be better suited, but that ain't saying much. Better suited doesn't mean there is a preference.

It's an optional feature that doesn't really add any value to FPS i.e. hardcore gamers won't use it and they will likely just stick with the controller.

The exact same control scheme existed on the Wii and nobody cared about it then either....

Now, if there was demand for it, I'm sure BF3 that favors the PS3 would have incorporated it. The only one that implements PS Move is first party....

Rageanitus4403d ago

hardcore gamers prefer mouse and kb.... the console market is still casual

GarandShooter4403d ago

So Tiger Woods PGA and NBA2K are first party franchises? Good to know!

Biggest4403d ago

So is Resident Evil. Total first party stuff.

SonyStyled4403d ago

i didnt know bioshock infinate was a PS3 exclusive

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Ddouble4403d ago

They would sell millions either way so i guess they can't be bothered. I hope Bioshock sends the trend for third party games after seeing the move's success on Killzone 3.

saumer4403d ago

I hope so. I loved Move in KZ3. Tried playing an BF3 on my xbox and I just hate the standard controller. How anyone would prefer it I can't understand.

I grew up with mouse and keyboard on Quake/UT, and baring that, I'd use the move before a gamepad any day.

MsmackyM4403d ago

Totally agree, having to use dual analog sticks for a fps just takes away the fun for me. I don't care how pretty the graphics are if the interface is garbage I could care less.

DonaldBeck4403d ago

they should do a move patch for battlefield 3

ViciousHamster4403d ago

They should patch move out of existence.

NegativeCreep4274403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Did Move make fun of you on the little bus last week or something? Such strong feelings against a gaming peripheral, wouldn't you say?

SonyStyled4403d ago

no, eye pet made his hamsters very jelous