Magical Kinect Disneyland Adventures shows how to enchant us

123KINECT writes: "If we learned one thing from this trailer, it is that Disney is brilliant and marketing their upcoming Kinect Disneyland Adventures game. The music, the atmosphere, it all feels right to me.

Getting rid of some of the control issues and minor glitches (although, with this kind of marketing, that may not even matter) that we found when playing the game at GamesCom earlier this year, and this game could be the potential Kinect hit this holiday.

Will you be playing Kinect Disneyland Adventures?"

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RIP_Weazel3508d ago

Hardly the most objective site in the world.
( other news, Mario 3DS was proclaimed "truly astounding" by, whilst proudly boasted that uncharted 3 made infertile couples conceive twins.)

multipayer3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

The others make sense though, I shudder at the thought of what they think on a website entirely devoted to kinect.

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Micro_Sony3508d ago

Always wanted to go to Disney Land when I was a kid but we were too poor - might pick this up.

multipayer3508d ago

I remember when I had that line of thinking when universal studios themepark came out for gamecube... Just no.

3508d ago