PS3 Controller To Be Named "SIXAXIS"?

They can't call it Dual Shock 3 now that they've removed the rumble feature, can they? Could it possibly be SIXAXIS, to note the six-axis detecting system? I feel another PR blunder coming up.

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Cyclonus5861d ago (Edited 5861d ago )


"Silly Name, Serious Sandwich."

specialguest5861d ago

why do they even need a name for a controller anyway?

Marriot VP5861d ago

How about...

call it the "wiimote + 1", but in spiderman font

wakkiwakko5861d ago

The whole axis part reminds me of the Nayzi regime back in ww2. Hahaha. It’s soooo wrong to think like that. :( But it’s true! Why not call it, Degree6? Or SixX? Heh. SixAxis just sounds awfully suspicious!

BlackCountryBob5861d ago

Hahaha, SIXAXIS is a terrible name, why name the pad, cant it just be the official Playstation (I aint writing it in capitals!) 3 control pad. Rubbish third party pads get names, official pads just need to say official!

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The story is too old to be commented.