G4TV Review: Skyward Sword

It’s a meaningless statement. It certainly has no objective truth, no place in what is meant to be a personal opinion delineated in somewhere around two thousand words, but there’s a score at the top of this review. Maybe you’ve noticed. A direct comparison to the game’s predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, seems apt. I probably had more fun with Skyward Sword, if that means anything, but Twilight Princess was more even, more steady-as-she-goes. It did not hit the peaks of Skyward Sword, but neither did it reach the lows. It’s likely the opinion will be fairly split.

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ronin4life2585d ago

The only problen I had with the review is pretty similar to the problem I had with 1ups:
The game was scored less for something this website counted as a positive for a different game, which scored higher.
The reviewer can't be blamed for this, seeing as how the two games were reviewed by different people, but it still annoys me.