Uncharted gets 9 9 9 9 from Famitsu plus other game scores

Here is the complete list of scores from Famitsu. Lost Odyssey of x360 also scored the same as Uncharted.

Tales of Innocence 9998
Docomodake DS 6776
Me and the Sims 7768
Juushinden 7687
Power Pro Pocket 10 8889
Nepleague 7656
Arkanoid DS 8887
Winning Eleven DS Goal Goal 7777
K-1 World GP 6666
Gintama 8666

GTA Vice City 8898
Chronicle of Dungeon Maker 2 9898
Silent Hill Zero 7887
Minna no Golf 2 101089
Yuusha no Kuse ni 108810

Shoukan Shoujo 6666
GTA Vice City 8799
Pirates of the Caribbean 7687
Disney Princess 7666

Uncharted 9999
Pirates of the Caribbean 6577
Conan 7777

Conan 7777
Viva Pinata Let's Party 8776
Lost Odyssey 9999

Disney Princess 7666
Doraemon Wii 6765
Tamagotchi 8777
Raving Rabbids 2 8677
No More Heroes 9889

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MK_Red5291d ago

WTF!? Didn't another news story say Lost Odyssey god 33/40 or something? Now this one says 36/40!?
+ Great score for No More Heroes.

Danja5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

im just as confuzed...!!!

Im a PS3 supporter but I was kinda shocked at the first scores for LO..cuz I was expecting it to get scores like these...I think these are the real scores..I might have to go over to a friends house nd try this game's the only 360 game that im interestd in..!.

Uncharted FTW..I hope Japan gives this game a try as they did with RFOM..!!!

shmee5291d ago

LO got 9 9 9 9 from FAMITSU (general)

and 9 8 8 8 from FAMITSU X360

MK_Red5291d ago

I see. Thanks for the info shmee.

Chubear5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

Hey with those scores we could see LO push 360 sales the way Ace Combat did in Japan. This maybe the one game MS has been looking for to try and at least crack into Japanese gamers to some kinda significant degree.

I'm interested in how well it'll be recieved and if it'll move more consoles than ACt6 did ... more than any game realeased in Japan so far.

I wasn't personally impressed with LO myself though. It seems it the same gameplay taken from great JRPG games from last gen and given a current gen make over in the looks department. And now more than ever animations on 360 games are really starting to stick out like a sore thumb when compared to PS3 exclusive titles.

Korosuke5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

Lost Odyssey famitu reviwe

-the pace of the battles are very well and comfortable.
-gameplay is 20 to 25 hours.
-the boss round is tough, but it is interesting to work out a strategy.
-event scenes are superb with great graphics.
-fun to build up the charactors.
-bitter taste scenario.
-overwhelming graphics and buatiful sound tracks with 4 DVD-ROM.
-annoyed frequent load reading and terrible lip-sync.

I think why lip-sycn is terrible is that it would be tweaked in English.

greenenvy5291d ago

i'm guessing it was payoffs, somebody paid the 360 teams to pretend there was lots of screen tearing and framerate issues in lost odyssey.....

why the f else did everyone else love it, and no more heroes??

look what happened to virtua fighter.....smells of sony payoff...

and you know MS did the same thing to try to mess up ratchet & clank, u know its true!!!!!

no where near that many people hated ratchet, some of them were taking

any case those are great scores and the japanese press is loving the lost odyssey, virtua fighter games too........

osirisomeomi5291d ago

The game is 20-25 hours and 4 DVD ROMs? Is it just a movie or something?

unsunghero285291d ago


Uhhh... I hate to be the guy that says it, but...

MS, don't you think... well... maybe HD-DVD support would be nice?

We've still got at least a good 2 years of 360, so surely the games are going to get a litttttle bit bigger...

Korosuke5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

Don't ask me, I just translated the summary of the review. Do you imply BD(PS3) and DVD(360) war ?

maybe I'm a real PS3 fanboy, cos I have only PS3 and I'm Japanese.
But I don't think bigger storage thing is necessary for a good game and I don't think the titles using full capacity of BD for "genuine purpose" are coming for years to come.
3rd parties release their titles as multi-platforms and try to be identical both version. So there is not the large-capacity turn.
I know, 1st/2nd parties are using the large-capacity of BD but it's for pre-rendered movies and multi voice languages, not high resolution texture nor bigger gameplay contents.

KidMakeshift5291d ago

The lip sync for the japanese dub is off because they made it to match the English dub. The creators spoke about this at TGS07. The Game has 20 hours worth of cutscenes along with 20 hours of gameplay, so expect it's pacing to be like Xenosaga.

I really wish Nintendo and Xbox got rid of regional coding. I want to import Dragon Quest Swords, No More Heroes, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, and Lost Odyssey.

greenenvy5291d ago

seriously what is this...

"most companies release their game multiplatform if they are 3rd party."

no, most companies DO NOT release their game multiplatform. only some of them do still.

there are third party publishers like square-enix who only do their games exclusively for sony....

and they are using the BLU RAY format, to fill it up with cutscenes.

so seriously where do you get this lie from, third party developers like squareenix are NOT releasing FF13 or the likes on two formats....

even if it made more financial sense, they don't do it....

they send something else multiplatform like last remnant and so on...

seriously just wake up.....they are spending so much investing on blu ray they are ultimately losing huge amounts of money due to the development costs...

meanwhile games like lost odyssey, which are also exclusive and for the 360 cost less than 15-20 million to make and will sell very good...

not just in japan, but in north america.....they don't need blu ray discs because its not even profitable....

and I bet u anything they could sell far more of their game, if it was on DVDs, that those games like FF13 and the like would sell double the amount it sells instead of being done on only the blu ray format....

its too bad those developers cant see this, its costing them tons of money and time and there is almost no difference....just time wasted.

Korosuke5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

>so seriously where do you get this lie from, as far as I know many games come from EA, UBI, Activison and their dev branch, not from Square.
I think these comp take mulit-platform strategy.

>its too bad those developers cant see this, its costing them tons of money and time and there is almost no difference....just time wasted.

So developers should provide games for Wii and DS and PSP and mobile instead of time and money wasted PS3/Xbox360, hah ?

And I can't understand why you blame my comment. I said the large capacity is not necessary for good games.

chrno65291d ago

only 25 hours long, I thought every standard jrpg should at least provide 40 hours of gameplay experience. For instance, ff12 took me over 100 hours to compelete. Do they take the side quests into consideration?

greenenvy5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

i'm not saying that most western developers, and some japanese developers do their games on both formats not talking about that....

i think its fine they do and agree with the approach, especially square-enix doing their lost remnant series on this approach...

my problem is companies still like konami, or square-enix and even factor 5 are still doing *SOME* of their games only on the blu-ray disc format.....

seriously, take FF13 for example...sure it will sell well, but why put that only on playstation's blu-ray discs if it would sell DOUBLE that by having it on DVDs also, for the 360?

I can understand they want to make it a system seller, but don't they recognize how many more copies the game can sell?

blu disc is so expensive to create for, and they are filling it up with movies & content, then why not do it cross platform so it can also be sent to the 360 after time exclusive deal?

many other people want that game, they would buy it in droves if it was on DVD also and it would achieve really good results in europe...

it shouldnt be so hard to do a game like that on blu ray and dvd is what I was saying, why try to keep it all on blu ray?

i can already see why lost odyssey is obviously not going to the ps3 because it wasnt meant to and its published by microsoft, but that ff13 game is published by square-enix not sony.

and if u think closely, the game after being on one format would sell probably double the copies after crossing over to DVD....

and even factor 5's game, if they made a sequel to "LAIR" that was really good......why put it only on blu ray.

it would always sell far better on both formats, DVD included, since blu ray is so expensive to do the programming for.

edit: i disagree with the term "has to", i mean square-enix sold a very miniscule share to sony to be realistic....

they just are not accustomed to multiplatform development, IMO is the real reason.

anyone can see ff13 would sell far more on both platforms, because it costs so much extra money to make CG movies on blu rays if u ask koei, konami, etc....

i still wonder about them because i think some companies, they should release it on two or so platforms always. this is not going to make much difference for the console manufacturers, but would make all the difference to the sales of any of their games...

DVDs/doing CG cutscens and FMV on them is many many times cheaper than filling up blu rays is why....

Korosuke5291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

Sorry,i I'm not good at English so maybe I missunderstood :p

Why there are some developer which develop one platform is, here is my thougts.

For finance, multi-platform may be better way to making money. I don't know it's better way in long terms, anyway.
But some developers think they should devote to develop for one platform to maximize their title's potential. Like MGS dev or Crysis dev says. There isn't the dynamics of the money-making. Only creating thing attitude like artist. Such type of people's thought is if they manage to make a good game, result will follow.
quite a good attitude for creators, don't you think ?

As far as I know about Squareenix, SCE holds some shares of Squareenix. SCE helped SQ by capital injection when SQ failed the full CG FF movie and got a debt. So SQ has to release their flagship franchise in SCE's console.

One point I can't understand yours, why is developing on BD taking more cost ? Just press it on BD, doesn't it ? no difference in DVD.
If dev do fulled the disc with pre-rendered movie like many JRPG, yeah, it probably takes more costs. But it's not from the disc format.


8.58% share is quite a huge, I think.

So change the description, SQ want FF13 on PS3 in return cos SQ was helped by SCE from bankruptcy. But who knows exact reason about exclusive ?

>they just are not accustomed to multiplatform development, IMO is the real reason.

Yeah, but it's same meaning in another description as for one platform to maximize their title's potential.
Why bioshock doesn't have mulit player mode ?
Bioshock dev said we wanted to concentrate in single player.

kewlkat0075291d ago (Edited 5291d ago )

When did Lost Ody get a 9999??

I thought it was a 9888, or something like that?

Great for uncharted, I did like the Demo, but I would like to see how it sells in japan.

Plus did Japanese gamers buy Tomb raider in droves? Besides the upped graphics, I wonder if they dig adventure games in general?

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sonarus5291d ago

there seems to be some discrepancy with lost odyssey reviews. IT says 9999 but earlier on today it was 9888 plus if you scroll down to 360 specific reviews it says 9888. Which is it?

Sevir045291d ago

the funny thing is that lost odessey is the one that will have the sales... japan is such an interesting region and culture. i so wanna play lost odessey. it seems interesting. it's the only xbox game that has me really excited.. i hope it's better than freakin blue dragon... none the less it's good to see uncharted getting world aclaim ^^ i wonder what the sales of that game is going to be.

sonarus5291d ago

depends on how hard sony pushes the game in the region. Advertising will play a mojor role. Will probably be more than ratchet and clank but the real game most ps3 owners will be purchasing this week will be winnin eleven

Real gamer 4 life5291d ago

Doesnt Gt prologe come out in japan?? That should be a good game, and Ut3 comes out in NA dec 11. I cant wait for UT3.

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