Steam Users' Credit Cards and Other Information Accessed in Database Hack

Steam recently admitted that its forums suffered a security breach, but the problem runs much deeper unfortunately. Steam users' accounts have been compromised, as the entire database, including credit card data, was accessed. IndustryGamers just received the following letter from Valve's Gabe Newell:

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donniebaseball4039d ago

WOW. This is not good. Sony knows their pain. Stupid hackers.

StayStatic4039d ago

Indeed , will probably never here the end of this now.

ABizzel14039d ago

All hackers should executed. Recently hackers hacked over 4 million people a organizations including governments across the globe. Start whacking them off, and I'm sure we'll see a decline of the activity.

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MaximusPrime4039d ago

Every companies are not safe. I feel for those Steam members

Altourus4039d ago

FFS my bank just sent me a new credit card number because of the Sony hack.

dead_eye4039d ago

get a new bank cos that took fucking ages

Abriael4039d ago

gabe's mail was NOT very clear. First he says both forums and steam itself were hacked. Then he says just the forums. What the hell?

TheIneffableBob4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

No, he said that both the Steam forums and a Steam database were compromised. Encrypted info was taken but they cannot confirm if that encrypted info was cracked or not (very unlikely to be cracked since the encryption is very strong). Also, with Steam Guard in place, to even get access to your Steam account would require that the hackers also gain access to your e-mail. They would have to crack the encrypted passwords which would take a long time, then they would have to hope that that password is the same as your e-mail password, and if it isn't then they would have to find that.

Basically, I wouldn't worry too much about your accounts being in jeopardy or whatever. It's unlikely for anything to happen.

Gabe did confirm that a couple forum accounts were compromised, however, which means that the hackers were able to get the username and passwords of forums accounts and log in with them.

Ocelot5254039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

"(very unlikely to be cracked since the encryption is very strong)"

1. Everything can be decrypted with brute force. It only takes some time.

2. the passwords were not encrypted, they were hashed , big difference.
Many forums have the passwords hashed in MD5, which can be unhashed in mere seconds trough a flaw in that algorithm which was only discovered recently.

The industry is moving towards the SHA-algorithm for hashing passwords, but most forums still use MD5 because It's too much work too change.

source: me , I develop web-applications

TheIneffableBob4039d ago

Rereading the message, it doesn't look like it says anything about how the forum passwords were protected, but the database Steam account passwords were hashed and salted which makes them nigh impossible to crack assuming the protection used is strong enough. It could be cracked with brute force but it would take an unreasonably long time. I'm gonna assume that the protection used on the credit card info is even stronger.

Cosmit4039d ago

Oh crap. I have my info on there! >:[

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