IGN- Rayman Origins Review

This generation's most beautiful platformer is also the most fun.

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Enmson2624d ago

wow IGN likes giving 9.5s lately...

Chuk52624d ago

It's hard not to, this is literally the greatest years games has ever had. Considering 2007, 1998 and 2004, that's saying a lot.

Brownghost2624d ago

2012 is better than 2011

Laxman2624d ago


2012 is going to an amazing year too, but it wont be quite as good as 2011 is. Maybe second best? Either way, im sure unless you're a hardcore retro elitist, we can all agree now is the best time to be a gamer!

Brownghost2624d ago

why i think 2012 is going to be better
-darkness 2
-gta V
-bioshock infinite
-soul calibur V
-mass effect 3
-ghost recon future soldier
-RE operation racoon city
-hitman absolution
-max payne 3
-borderlands 2
-far cry 3
-diablo III
-metro last light
-prototype 2
and many more great games. In my opinion 2012 will be the best.

Kingdom Come2624d ago

You forgot one of the biggest games of next year, Halo 4. I still think 2011 was the superior year for gaming...

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MariaHelFutura2624d ago

Rayman for the Dreamcast was amazing. This doesnt surprise me too much. Ill grab this when its cheaper.

Yawnier2624d ago

It is not only that, this is also probably the best year in gaming since 2001 and 1998.

aviator1892624d ago

9.5, wow, I really wasn't expecting that. Well, it looks like I'll have to push bf 3/mw 3 aside to get this game.

thereapersson2624d ago

Pushing MW3 aside? Not too hard of a task.

dourvas2624d ago

WOW i am impressed man... 9.5?
i wish people bought that game instead of that shitty modern warfare 3
its more creative

JoshuaN4G2624d ago


Optical_Matrix2624d ago

Did NOT expect that at all. Part of me wants to wait for the Vita version though. Game looks so fun, I'd imagine I'd like to play it on the go as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.