The Nintendo 3DS's First Mario Game: Super Mario 3D Land

Do you need reasons to be excited for the 3DS's killer app? We'll give you plenty. This is the first time Mario's 2D games and 3D games collide into one insane package. Find out in this article the three Mario games Super Mario 3D Land borrows from the most and the one Mario game it doesn't. It's a blend of old and new Mario games, plus some things never seen before. Get ready for the 3DS's first Mario game, because it's going to be unprecedented!

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GunofthePatriots3603d ago

cant wait to dust off my 3ds. looking forward to this game

3603d ago
Keith Olbermann3603d ago

That's right! Step on up everyone and purchase nintendo's latest rehash! No need for new Ip. These games just print money! No good games on the system? Well, we will just sell you our first party gems that found success years and years ago! Step on up. Lol

mike1up3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


Oh wait! You're right, now that you mention it... Super Mario 3D Land came out on that one handheld that you bought last year. You know the handheld that's completely powered by cliches, prejudgement, and BS.

I know that it's Nintendo, but you can't call it a rehash just because Mario stars in it. By your logic, Super Mario 64 is just another rehash of the original Super Mario Bros.. This game looks to be very innovative, and there is nothing quite like it on any handheld console.

MasterCornholio3603d ago

They should have came out with this earlier. But oh well its a fantastic title for 3DS owners.

mcstorm3603d ago

Cant wait for this and Mario Kart going to be a nice end to the year for the 3DS and I think it will be the number 1 selling console this Christmas.