Jak & Daxter Trilogy Edition Rated for PlayStation 3

Over the past few years, the PlayStation 3 has been home to quite a few HD collections of PlayStation 2 games, all of which are fan favorites like the God of War Collection and the recently released Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

However, there are still some first party games that Sony hasn’t released on the PS3. Jak & Daxter is one of biggest franchises yet to grace the console, and after many months of rumors and speculations, it looks like the Jak & Daxter HD collection is finally coming to PlayStation 3. Last month, Korea’s equivalent of the ESRB rated the game for an unspecified platform. Today, the USK, Germany’s videogame rating organization, has rated the game and this time the PS3 explicitly specified:

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Sizzon3276d ago

Day 1 collection right there.

Ares84HU3276d ago

Yeah, many people will be happy and get it day 1. I hear so much people wanting a new J&D, at least this will give them something to be happy about.

I wish they did a collection like this with Onimusha. That would be awesome.

SoapShoes3276d ago

Since every HD collection has a new game being made for it(God of War 3, Sly 4, The Last Guardian), who wants to bet Ready at Dawn is doing Jak 4?

princejb1343276d ago

i love this series, not so much the first part but 2 and 3 were awesome=]
day 1 for me

rezzah3276d ago

2 Was such a huge jump from 1 that it just seemed to be the best in the series. It also reminded me of GTA in a way since you were able to use vehicles (or hovercrafts) and steal them.

showtimefolks3276d ago

No doubt I will get this dayone. I just wish instead if 3 games it was all 4 games made by ND.

Also now Sony should do all 4 ratchet and clank games from ps2 in one package

Ratchet and clank going commando,up your arsenal,deadlocked and the 1st ratchet.

Kingdom hearts 1-2
Legacy of kaine
Bully on psn/xblive
Max Payne 1-2
Rayman hd collection
Scarface the world is yours psn/xblive
Smack down here comes the pain,shut your mouth,wwf no mercy,wwe day of reckoning all in one package
Mafia 1psn/xblive
Gun psn/xblive
Metal slug anthology either on disk or psn/xblive
Megaman x collection either on disk or digital
Total overdose digital
Outrun 2006 coast to coast digital
The punisher digital
Ape escape hd collection
Yakuza 1-2 hd collection
The warrior digital
Mercenaries 1 digital
Socom hd collection
Dead to rights 1-2 hd collection

If I was a developer I would love to make those games and that's safe and easy money in most cases

If there are 2 games you can release on disks or digital or both but if it's just a single entry than on 14.99 digital only

Mykky3276d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1-2 + re:coded in HD would be awesome!

kingPoS3276d ago

I'm pretty I haven't seen a ps1 game remastered in HD before.

But yea that MegamanX collection's a real gem(gave it 2 my bro)

WhiteLightning3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I wish they would do some sort of limited/collectors edition with how Zavvi did one with Metal Gear Solid.

Maybe the game inside a precursor orb

Cajun Chicken3276d ago

Honestly would prefer a model of Daxter. Because Jak gets older and looks different in each, Daxter stays mre or less the same. I wouldn't be too enthusiastic with a large model precursor orb.

WhiteLightning3276d ago

Yeah but with the Nathan Drake statue ND had in the Uncharted 3 CE, I wouldn't want to see a crappy Daxter statue aswell.

Lets be honest the statue looked nothing liked Drake. I hope they never use Sideshow collectibles again.

Least with a Precursor orb theres less detail on it so they can't mess it up that much

Cajun Chicken3276d ago

The Goggles. I'll totally go for a pair of Jaks goggles for use in cosplay.

Lifewish3276d ago

the goggles would be awesome

Cajun Chicken3276d ago

Been waiting for this day for so long! I really hope they try to port Jak X too.

Ocean3276d ago

Will be getting this gem upon release

Lifewish3276d ago

good news and a collection i would most likely be picking up.

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