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Call of Duty: Don't hate the players, or the game.

The Modern Warfare series deserves more credit than it gets, argues CVG's John Dean

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Community2536d ago
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fluffydelusions2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I've said it before but for every 1 person that hates the series 100 love it.

Bleucrunch2536d ago

I don't feel like i hate it i just don't feel like the game has changed at all for me to continuously pay 65 bucks for it.

xPhearR3dx2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Yup. Started playing it about an hour ago and it's already getting boring. Thank god I didn't pay for this.


Ehhh, so far the map design is terrible. The subway/train station map is horrific, played 2 others that sucked ass. Only one I found fun was Hardhat I believe it was.

jeseth2536d ago

There is a lot that has changed from MW2 to MW3. Tons of game modes, mods, and maps that finally don't cater to campers or have bottlenecks. There is at least 3 ways tp get to any point on these maps.

Infinity Ward did a great job tweaking all the modes and annoyances from past games! For anyone that hasn't played it, you really can't comment. I've played COD since PS2 and this is the best MP so far. No crazy killstreaks, noob tubes are watered down and less effective, maps are great, etc. etc. And Kill Confirmed is f'n awesome!

Treyarch really blows. You don't realize it as much until you play the Infinity Ward installments.

jeseth2536d ago

I guess they aren't for everyone. I just think they make domination and HQ a lot harder and require more teamwork.

I'm just happy there aren't a lot of bottlenecks like in previous COD games. I can understand your point of view though.

nycredude2536d ago


I seem to remember Sledgehammer worked on this one..

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Septic2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Why not hate the players?? The majority of them epitomise what's wrong with online gaming; immature, racist and abusive kids. I realise that being such a popular and widely played game, you're bound to get your fair share of idiots but COD seems to attract some complete morons who you'd think were fed bleach as babies.

When playing MW2, I was inundated with messages from little nasally teens; "message to all recent players, hosting quick scope/ 10th prestige lobby". Sad.....just sad.

Oh and now with IW bringing back quick scoping, I can blame the player and game.

Pikajew2536d ago

I like the series but there are a lot of series I like befor it.

The Meerkat2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

What I hate is my friends that won't open their mind and try something else.

They say they don't like BF, Gears, Halo etc yet have never played them. All they play is COD for 12 months solid!

What's funny is that they are all average at COD.


lol, I hear you.

Fortunately most of my friends are willing to try other games.

The problem is that cod is like an illegal substance. it's crap, but there is something very satisfying about it, especially if you are good at it and you can rape a whole team.

I got the game very very reluctantly, I didn't bother with the campaign at all, just jumped right into multiplayer with a few friends. straight away I was bashing just about everything I could think of to bash and asking myself why I let myself get talked into buying it.

A few games letter and I am getting hate messages from noobs because they got wasted and could not help the big smile that came over my face and all felt right with the world.

consolez_FTW2536d ago

Exactly man!

I know friends that bought a ps3 or 360 years ago and still only buy COD games for their system! HOW CAN U BUY a console and not buy any other game besides COD!

jeseth2536d ago

Because you don't have a ton of time and a PS3 is a sick 3D Blue Ray player! Tron Legacy in 3D was freakin' eye candy!

I hear you though. I know some people that only buy Madden and Cod. I ask them why and they just don't have the time and feel like investing $60 in something like a game isn't worth it. All kinds man, all kinds. For every one of us there are many more that don't game as hard.

DonaldBeck2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

i know what you mean, i tried to get my friend to play uncharted 3, and shadow of the colossus last night and he said they were "too complicated" "there just wieeeerd" he even went so far as to say that modern warfare 3 has the worlds best graphics and the game kills battlefield 3, and hese 35 years old. what a joke.

AtomicGerbil2536d ago

It's such a shame, I have many real friends on my friends list that buy only one game a year, CoD.

I suppose some people are easily pleased, not me, I need variety otherwise I'd go nuts.

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Spinal2536d ago

Hate costs far too much energy. The way I see it. I won't buy another cod game until I see a new engine with some next gen graphics like I have with bf3. No hating an certainly no trolling just my own way of thinkin.

gamingdroid2536d ago

This year, the major releases I bought day-1 was BulletStorm, BattleField 3, Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3. I have been very happy with all my purchases except for BF3, which I promptly sold within 4 days.

People can hate, but it ain't going to change what I enjoy.

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