Diehard GameFAN: NCIS Review

DHGF: Well, if you’re the sort of person who loves the idea of adding a thousand points to your gamer score in a day (I’m looking at you DJ), NCIS is probably worth a rental, but otherwise? It’s basically a waste of your time on nearly every level. The characters look fine, the audio is adequate, and the game is simple enough to play that you won’t have to strain yourself to do so regardless of your skill level. However, the plot becomes insulting in the final episode after being “okay” up to that point, there’s no challenge to the game, there’s no reason to ever come back to it because you’ll see and do everything in one sitting, and the cast from the show, save for David McCallum, isn’t even involved with the game. It’s not that NCIS is even aggressively bad so much as it is that the game is aggressively lazy, which is even more disappointing, to be honest. Bad games have a certain charm to hating their guts, and you can almost appreciate how terrible they are; NCIS just screams of being something Ubisoft shoved out the door to make a buck, and it shows in how utterly uninteresting the whole experience ends up.

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