Uncharted Golden Abyss - The Killer App For PS Vita

The Sony PlayStation Vita launch is quickly approaching, and it is becoming strikingly clear that one of the games that is truly going to stand out at launch is none other than Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

The Uncharted franchise was first introduced on the Sony PlayStation 3, and was a huge hit when gamers had the chance to step into the world of Nathan Drake thanks to some tremendous work from developer Naughty Dog.

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Ddouble3240d ago

Uncharted and Gravity Rush are the killer apps imo.

CynicalVision3240d ago

I'm a little concerned that Naughty Dog aren't developing the Vita version but apparently they're keeping a watchful eye on Bend Studio.

TheFirstClassic3240d ago

Sony Bend know what they're doing, they made three thrid person shooters on the psp, two syphon filter games and one resistance game. All were great games, they had extremely impressive stories and voice acting.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3240d ago

I guess. But we already know uncharted will be awesome so I think most people are more anticipating games like Gravity Rush and (me personally) shinobido 2. And of course my fave fps's resistance and Killzone. Sound shapes looks interesting too.

nevin13240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I bet this game will be 4-6 hrs long. I guess trophies will add replay value to alot of people.

I will lol if this game is over $39.99.

StarWolf3239d ago

maybe in the states but in japan this wont sell past 200k. And nevin is right, this game is probably a 6 hour long game. Ill stick with the fighting and RPGs. No point in FPS imo since its wifi and ill be at home so might as well get the console versions

mep693239d ago

Erm when did Uncharted become an fps ??? It's always been a tps in my eyes