Sales Of Call Of Duty 2 For The Xbox 360 Top One Million Units In The U.S.

Activision, Inc. announced today that Infinity Ward's critically acclaimed Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system has sold more than one million units in the U.S. alone, according to NPD Funworld.

The award-winning title is the # 1 best selling game on Xbox 360 and continues to be among the highest rated games for the platform, according to Gamerankings data.

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so many of my news post has been repeated before that I kind of stop caring for others posts. If it's not on the main page then it's good to post when before I use to check pages to find out.

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Well I'll post my comment on this one overhere then also... Mod's it's strange articles popping up with the same subject approved getting out of pending stories...

If you take 5 million units by the end of june sold. That's from december 2005 on in 7 months. That's little more then 700.000 units a month world wide. USA had an average of 250.000 units a month in that time. Remains wel over 450.000 units every month in the rest of the world. Where countries like Australia only could buy a 360 from Spring 2006 on. As other countries. So sales have stepped up on units since then.

So if with 250.000 units average a month, USA sold about close to or over 2,5 million 360's in USA up till now and got 1 million copies of COD2 sold, I expect that 450.000 units a month worldwide make over 4 million units at least, which equals 1.6 million copies of GRAW sold world wide excluded the 1 million sales of USA.

So I expect actually 2.6 million copies that have been sold world wide. To play it down, at least 2 million.