Review: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad | Velocity Gamer

Velocity Gamer: If you love realism, good graphics, and an incredible learning curse you will enjoy Red Orchestra 2. This is a niche game, so it probably won’t appeal to those players used to more arcade-type games like Battlefield 3 and the Modern Warfare series. I think one of the biggest indicators of quality is the ability to retain a healthy community, and Red Orchestra 2 certainly has that.

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kasasensei3249d ago

Amazing game. But yesterday evening, barely 1000 players were on it. Get back on it men! Most of the bugs are now gone, we can enjoy it 100%!

bumnut3249d ago

1000 players is bad, better than Homefront though, that had 200 players after about a month.

I tried the beta for this game and hated it, Im more of a Battlefield guy.