Is Stuntman Ignition (PS2 Classic) on PSN a sign that PS2 Classics will be playable on Vita?

Stuntman Ignition is already on the PS3 so there isn't really a need for a PS2 Classic of this game & it wouldn't be worth compiling , testing & uploading to PSN just for the PS3 when it's already on the PS3 with HD Graphics.
So Stuntman Ignition on PSN this week as a PS2 Classic gives me even more reason to think that PS2 Classics will be playable on PlayStation Vita & other PlayStation Certified products.

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Wintersun6162562d ago

Wasn't it already confirmed that all PS1 and PS2 content on PSN is playable on Vita too? I remember reading something like that in a Vita FAQ from Sony.

sinncross2562d ago

They said PS1 content would be available, and that PS2 and PS3 content would not.

That said, SOny would be missing out on a key chance for sales if they cannot get PS2 PSN titles on PSV as well I feel.

I would love to play some old classics on teh go tbqh

Wintersun6162562d ago

Thanks for clearing that up.

Completely agree with you, I hope they make it possible.

Bubs for helpful.

ironfist922562d ago

Man I loved this game. Too bad THQ canned the series, just like Red Faction.