The history of Battlefront 3 and its potential future

The Star Wars: Battlefront series, perhaps one of the most illusive and unstable franchises, has been a constant mystery and subject to massive speculation ever since a possible sequel to Battlefront 2 surfaced. The series has since included 3 spin-off games for mobile platforms and various handheld consoles, none of which are regarded as a direct sequel to the original console titles.

So, where is Battlefront 3?

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Majin-vegeta4155d ago

I will not have a peaceful death until this game is released i played SWBF2 for 2 whole years game play was addicting as hell.

NewVegasTroop4155d ago

me too man i feel the exact same thing an i've also played the hell out of every single battlefront game, the weakest being elite squadron, but still played it alot, dude if i die without playing battlefront 3, not even heaven can cure such sadness and depression :(

Magicsprite4155d ago

Given that LucasArts has attempted a revive of Battlefront 3 numerous times, I suspect it's something they are not willing to let go. Hopefully it's just a matter of time until Battlefront 3 hits the shelves.

Hufandpuf4155d ago

Battlefront is what made me like Battlefield so much. You could say Battlefront is a clone of Battlefield, but to me, Battlefront was the first to let me play as a common soldier in a big war. Please make a third one, or make a battlefront mod for BF3 because they are so similar.

DeadpoolBub4155d ago

This is my most anticipated game ever. Battlefront is the series that got me into gaming, I NEED A SEQUEL!!!


Look at this video, I know most of you seen it but it was when free radical was working on it before they crashed (Haze fault) and bought by Crytek

NewVegasTroop4155d ago

if no battlefront 3 will come any time soon i would buy a battlefront collection full price day one without a heist..............