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UK 'slow' on ultra-fast internet

Broadband industry leaders are to meet ministers to discuss how to stop the UK dropping into the internet "slow lane".

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Neurotoxin3981d ago

Traffic shaping is the true Killer of the UK Broadband... that and tiscali ;).

....p.s Will Work For Bandwidth ;)

Capt CHAOS3981d ago

Bad, I'm stuck on a slow BT connection for a year min now and it'll take me 2 hours on the phone to speak to someone in India who will patch me to someone in Scotland who will transfer me to someone in India who says he can't do anything without a proper autorization number. Bah humbug.

mighty_douche3981d ago

get Cable.... unless you live in a non-cable area of course, then your screwed : )

Neurotoxin3981d ago

I`m considering virgin actually (the company ;) ), upto 24 meg is very tempting.... of course that would mean getting everything from them though (TV,PHONE,BB) so the price isn`t astronomical.

predator3981d ago

what ever u do do not go virgin, worst mistake ever, i was with vigin for a year when i was commuting to leeds every week, i got a flat in leeds and got virgin broadband, 10Mb download speed with a 1Mb upload speed, it was buggy, laggy as hell on live and the service was the worst i have known, my broadband connection at home was 2Mb and had no problems what so ever with it and hardly ever got lag on live. i strongly recomend u do not go with virgin

Neurotoxin3981d ago

Cheers for the heads up predator, i will avoid it like a Pissed soaked homeless guy on the Underground.

mighty_douche3981d ago

ive been with Virgin for years (3 i think) and have had no problems at all, its never even gone down on me, not even for 10 minutes (que oral sex joke). i think i pay £18 a month for 10 meg. think their prices are higher now though.

predator3981d ago

could be the area then but i was situated in leeds so was able to get higher speeds due to been near the exchange but it was terrable, ive haerd some people say the same, when i go home on the weekend ill find my supscrition and tell u which one i had to see if urs is diff

BrotherSic3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Had virgin (ntl) broadband for years and have never had a problem. Their customer service is alot better than it used to be as well.

Go for the 20mb connection its awesome as there is no download limit and you will get no lag on most american hosts. You will be able to download a film off torrents in around 4 -5 mins.

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ravinash3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Check out this site.
You can do speed tests and it gives you the results of all the tests that people have been getting so you know which company is getting the best speeds. (For UK)

[Edit] - Oh yeah, there are also comments from users and members and ratings given. I just wish I knew about this site before before I joined Orange (they are second to last).
Virgin isn't rated too highly either.

Neurotoxin3981d ago

Hypno Toad lol.

Benders Big Score is out, nice to be getting some more Futurama.

mighty_douche3981d ago

great little website, you can test your internet speeds there to.

Jdoki3981d ago

The blame for this lies mainly with BT... they are desperate to wring the last ounce of bandwidth out of copper lines; so they can avoid spending out on fibre for as long as possible.

Another problem is the sluggish nature of the Government. It is their repsonsibility to ensure we are not left behind, but in typical fashion it'll be too little too late.

It will be a bit of kick in the nuts when places like India have faster, cheaper and more reliable connections than the UK.

By the way... there's very few decent providers in the UK for broadband. I can only guess that it's the saturation of the network in this country which means customer service suffers and line speeds are nowhere near what is advertised.

I've had most success with providers who use LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) - which generally means they have their own hardware installed in the exchanges. They provide better speeds, lower contention ratios and usually go to BT on your behalf if there's a problem (as they have the agreements over the hardware).

It also holds true that you often get what you pay for. I previously used Seriously Internet (non-LLU though), which charge per GB. It can be a bloody expensive service if you download a lot... but is pretty quick, has excellent customer service (based in the UK, and very knowledgeable and don't appear to rely on scripts) and rarely goes wrong.

I've also used Sky who do use LLU in a lot of exchanges, and found their service excellent (Up to 16Mb). However their Customer Service (if you need to use it) is very very poor, relying almost entirely on scripts.. which leaves you stuffed more often than not!

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