Images and Artwork of Battlefield Bad Company

Electronic Arts released these images and this artwork of Battlefield Bad Company.

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Yo Wassap5858d ago

Grrr i hate seeing people posting comments saying stuff is old but this is way back. Those screens have been around for around a month or more and i think that the screens were posted on this site before aswell.

On a brighter note i don't remember the artwork though, just a shame it's pointless to me

Bill Nye5858d ago

Yeah it'd be cool if this site had a search and tagging function so we could better avoid dupes. I think it will come eventually... and a better gallery viewer for images would be much welcomed, too.

Gh0stDrag0n5858d ago

Pics look nice but, I havn't played a Battlefield game yet that I liked. Gameplay IMO kinda sucks, they will have to improve a lot for me to buy it. There are just too many other AAA FPS titles that blow this franchise away.

NextGen24Gamer5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

Is definately one of my Favorite xbox 360 games. Online is too much fun and smooth with NO LAG. I am really looking foward to Battle Field Bad Company on the 360. Out of all the FPS's on the 360, I would have to say Battle field 2 is my favorite as far as ONLINE play goes. Too much fun and Fantastic HD graphics.