GATT: Mysterious Console Entry Revealed Dubbed “Steam CCES”

GATT - Oh yeah IT'S REAL: Well looks like the cloud has been lifted. The console we broke last week has officially had it’s website launched. Posed between a hybrid console and PC at the size of a set top box, the system is reportedly up to 6-8x faster than current consoles.

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Pikajew2541d ago

You play Steam games on it?

GamerXGATT2541d ago

From what I have been told you can play Steam Powered Games, as well as perhaps Origin, and D2D. I am not sure on that though, so don't quote me!

Kamikaze1352541d ago

It would be pretty sick if Steam released a console that plays Steam games on it. Perhaps something up to par with console tech to retain a cheap price. Has to include a huge HDD, of course.

Majin-vegeta2540d ago

I would so buy that i love steam games but cant afford to make a pc :(.

C_Menz2540d ago

So you would spend $400 to just have a console for steam games instead of spending slight more(or the same if you have a decent PC already) to get a PC that can play any PC game and do countless other things?

killerhog2540d ago

next gen consoles should have upgradable parts (like a pc) but it would be totally optional. All games will be build for said consoles (unlike a pc where you have to have the best/latest build to play) but those who invest in the better parts will have better visuals/performance.

Muahahaha yes kill the PC.

IaMs122540d ago

It would just be a PC then... Theres a thin line between consoles and PC already and that there is just taking it away. Whats the point in consoles then...

mousearmy2540d ago

Soooo, it's a small form factor PC then.

Felinox2540d ago

Hard to take seriously if they can't take a better pic for presentation. Looks like my friends old dungeon basement.

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