‘The Video Game Industry Have Profited From Fear and Anxiety About Terrorism,” Professor Says

Suffolk University Professor Nina Huntemann is probably not calling in sick tomorrow to play Modern Warfare 3. She's no fan.

Amid all the hype for the release of this year's huge first person shooter, she wants anyone who will listen to know what's wrong with Modern Warfare, Battlefield and the rest of video game's interactive military complex.

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darren_poolies2750d ago

Things like this are really starting to annoy me. Why is it only the Video Game industry that is doing this? Why not the film industry? Complete bullcrap.

ninjaman9992750d ago

I love how movies like Contagion which was a piece of shit with the hidden motive of being propaganda for the medical industry so people will be more willing to submit and get shots and stuff (Which we pay for and most of the time don't work like the H1N1). THAT was profit off of fear and axiety, not video games :)

Venjense2750d ago

That's why COD4 was so popular, 'capitalized' on the war.

But don't forget Hurt Locker won an oscar, and movies have been 'capitalizing' on terrorism for decades. Remember True Lies.

What these ignorant video game hater call 'capitalize' is really the wrong way to say appealing to our curiosity about events going on in the world that we don't know much about.

MilkMan2750d ago

The video game industry and every other industry in the civilized world professor.
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