Designer of first ever console: "What I created got abominated."

Frd Dutton: The man responsible for inventing the world's first ever home console isn't too happy with how the medium he pioneered has evolved in recent years.

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Legionaire20052562d ago

A German born American wow!!! was the inventor of video games. I thought it was the Japanese? I really appreciate what this guy did thanks and God bless him. Hope to see him one day when I finally get to work in the game industry.

kevnb2561d ago

He invented consoles.

Bimkoblerutso2561d ago

No, in fact Japan didn't REALLY become a real force in gaming until the NES in '83 or '84.

Dark_Overlord2562d ago

I appreciate and respect what this bloke has done, however its whats known as moving with the times. People want violent games, basic supply and demand.

Redgehammer2561d ago

You should expect a note from the Dork Brotherhood for that comment.

BrianC62342561d ago

Yawn. It has nothing to do with him. It's society. Big deal. You can't do anything about it so why cry over it? Are you going to take your idea back and say nobody can play videogames?

Hicken2561d ago

So because society took it and turned it into something he doesn't like and never intended, he can't say anything about it? Maybe he can't, as one individual, do anything about it, but that's true for most things in this world.

It's only when you voice your opinion and band with like-minded individuals that you can truly get things changed.

BrianC62342561d ago

I just don't care. I think he's been out of the industry for decades. It just doesn't matter to me.

Hicken2561d ago

It's fine if it doesn't matter to YOU. But YOU didn't start this trend. HE did. So it makes sense that it would bother HIM. I'm certain Fermi and the others were not exactly pleased with the results of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Bimkoblerutso2561d ago

And what's up with kids these days and their long hair and hippity hop and crack cocaine?