Romantic comedy RPG in development for PlayStation 3

Gematsu: "Bit of an odd category, isn’t it? A recent job listing, posted October 24, on Silicon Studio’s Creator Agent job website, which houses job listings from several different developers, points to a new PlayStation 3 role-playing game in development—with a romantic comedy theme."

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Godmars2902539d ago

Isn't the Disgaea series comedy?

MariaHelFutura2539d ago

Romantic. RPG. Comedy. = Words I never thought would be strung together to describe a videogame....ever.

Ill keep my eye on this one...

Canary2539d ago

They're actually fairly common. It's just never been a genre that's seen much action outside of Japan, though there are some notable exceptions. The recent success of Catherine and Persona leaps to mind.

MariaHelFutura2538d ago

Catherine came to mind. But I havent played it. I know its sorta a romance, but I wasnt sure about the comedy and RPG part....

TheColbertinator2539d ago

lol I'm thinking Idea Factory or Gust will publish this.

Relientk772539d ago

Im not sure what to think except yay an RPG? lol

CrescentFang2539d ago

Yay, definitely going to be entertaining haha.

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