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G4MERS: "Modern Warfare 3 is the largest competitor in the market s FPS this year for the infamous, albeit slightly przereklamowanego Battlefield third Do not get me wrong, the time spent with BF3 nice to remember whether I'll be equally pleased to mention the time spent with a Modern Warfare 3?"

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Septic2757d ago

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is actually Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.5."

Well that much was apparent already from the early glimpses at the game. It might still be fun but I do think I will feel a tinge of guilt buying this.

Nonetheless, the formula appears to remain strong and it seems that it will be enjoyable.

One thing not really alluded to in the review is the connectivity issues that will no doubt be plaguing the game once released. I really cannot be bothered with the whole fiasco with Black Ops where the parties and lobbies were a mess for weeks.

Oh and this worries me a little:

"Maps in MW3 (and in their basic version is 16) are small, that we experience feelings of claustrophobia. I understand the procedure, because the idea is to keep the game up to level fast, but probably exaggerating here".

So its the polar opposite of BF3 then. Still, I hope they have a few decent sniping maps.