Rocksmith reviewed - Unwinnable

Rocksmith stands out as a tool to tech you how to play guitar or even play guitar better.

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PimpHandHappy2535d ago

getting this... I have been playing, well i played, for going on 20 years but lost most of my chops.

BitbyDeath2534d ago

So tempted to get this, i just don't know if i'll get too frustrated and quit.

Which will be one expensive lesson.

japanesedudegirl2534d ago

Everyone that I know that has played around with it seems to really like it. My one friend used to pay in bands and what not. Now has a family and don;t have time to keep up with his chops. He was saying not only does it register your notes, it shows you stats on how fast you play. He really digs it. I think it is awesome that games have come this far.