Should You Buy MW3: Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3

Tomorrow Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases, and so start of the FPS sales war. A couple of weeks ago we saw the release of Battlefield 3, and the first shot was fired when EA's new shooter secured the top spot on the sales charts, and for two weeks in a row. Tomorrow Activision fires back with the launch of Modern Warfare 3, but will the return fire be enough to shoot down the high ground EA & Dice have already secured.

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Relientk772589d ago

I am buying both as well


meetajhu2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

No its actually Modern Warfare 2 and IW trolls its customers

multipayer2589d ago

You must really hate the gaming industry. Maybe we'll only have military shooters next year.

Trunkz Jr2589d ago

If CoD died out, guess how many players will join the battlefield and help your team lose? If BF died, you would see soldiers giving piggyback rides around CoD.

Coke and Pepsi, Cats and Dogs, choose your game and just enjoy it.

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deadoralive13372589d ago

Buy whatever you enjoy. Plain and simple.

ForROME2589d ago

I don't buy anything that Bobbys name is attached to

ViperX22589d ago

If you want an epic battlefield with a bunch of vehicles and a large emphasis on team play get BF3, if you want to play a faster more run and gun and smaller map/compact FPS the get MW3.

For me I love the vehicles and team play elements of BF3, so BF3 for me. Plus I have a brand new PC that can run it on almost max settings, so that's an extra plus for me.

princejb1342589d ago

this is the proper answer

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