5 Features Next Gen Multiplayer Will Fail Without

MP1st - "With all of the hullabaloo and “leaked” news stories lately regarding the impending release of the next generation of consoles, it’s hard to believe we’ll have to wait much longer to get our grubby mitts on the Playstation 4, Xbox 720(?), and, of course, the already-announced Wii U."

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Majin-vegeta2562d ago

Completely agree with this list.

Skip_Bayless2562d ago

Agree but bots are not necessary. That would inflate stats. Usually it's much easier to kill a bot than a human.

Spitfire_Riggz2562d ago

Maybe if bots were incorporated into all unranked "social" multiplayer modes? And removed for ranked modes?

SilentNegotiator2562d ago

More post-launch support with non-paid DLC would be nice, but with how unresistant people have been to paying $15 for a few maps of modified SP levels, I don't see this trend increasing.

Nitrowolf22562d ago

wow I agree with all of those. I know P2P can be pretty good and all sometimes, but Dedicated server is an absolute must same with server list. I mean I hate not being able to find a match in some games, a server list would be nice.

SilentNegotiator2562d ago

Microsoft already makes us pay $60 a year for the "privilege" to play in mostly P2P servers. Can you imagine what they'll charge if ALL servers are dedicated?

Nitrowolf22562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Didn't disagree. A price hike for something Like that would be utter BS unless MS hosted all the servers themselves for every game.

There are already dedicated servers for some games, which are hosted on the developers side. This is where I can understand the whole Online pass, but for games with nothing but P2P it doesn't make sense (i know Online pass wrong place but still).

PSN is pretty much the same as XBL P2P,but it has a lot more dedicated servers for games.

Outside_ofthe_Box2562d ago

"Killzone 2 featured an excellent server list that offered players control over map selection and variation, weapon selection, and game mode and time limits. For some inexplicable reason, this feature was cut for Killzone 3, and the game was a lesser title because of that loss."

This is one of the many reasons why I hated KZ3 and why KZ2 > KZ3.

Also, all first person shooters next gen should have head tracking.

Criminal2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Head tracking would be great if it's well implemented. I don't this Kinect can do it justice at the moment.

Outside_ofthe_Box2562d ago

Yeah, it has to be implemented well. If it's tacked on you might as well not have it.

Nitrowolf22562d ago

KZ3 story might have been an improvement, but yeah the MP seemed like a step backwards with all the stuff from KZ2 taken out.

HeavenlySnipes2562d ago

the story was better. It actually didn't make any sense. After KZ2, you see loads of Helghan ships preparing to deplo and rape the rest of the ISA forces. I thought that this would mean that we would have to SNEAK through the nuked city to find an isolated point for evac. Instead, we just march through the streets and see little to no resistance. WHY THE FUCK NOT? We then end up (with only 60 ISA soldiers) taking out the MAWLR and destroying the Helghan nuke that was meant for Earth.


cpayne932562d ago

The story didn't make a whole lot of sense, Killzone 2's was nothing amazing but at least it was easy to follow.

kma2k2562d ago

Smart ass answer:

The Internet!!!!!

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