5 Nintendo DS games you have to play before you crash test this console

5 games for DS, but what games do you have to play before forgetting about the DS?

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samholyyy2537d ago

cant say i agree with this top 5.

there is no GTA chinatown. a must
also found The world ends with you to be a must have and play for rpg can blow every features you DS is capable of.

for everyone good sake, any DS owner will have to own Picross DS or Picross 3D. or both. this is addiction like you will never see anywhere else. genius games.

crono trigger is essential. dragonquest 9 is the top rpg of the DS, probably.
harvest moon fans have plenty of choices.

DSi owners must buy the eshop Cave Story game. a pure little gem.

the DS is like a gold mine of great titles. no way it has to be blown away for the 3DS.

and the ds is far from dead judgng from the 3ds bad lineup of games.
i own a 3DS since its launch, and possess only 1 game for it, the rest were sold for the same factor: no replay value or poor game content.
zelda stays in my library... but even starfox was sold.

Cave story 3DS might be good, but i own it from the eshop.

Venox20082536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

1. Rhythm heaven
2. Mario RPG: bowser's inside story
3. Warioware series
4. New super mario bros
5. (above) yes, Picross series.. Cave story I'll play in 3D on 3DS.. :) and don't forget DS contra 4 :) Chinatown wars is good..