Anime Courtyard | DC Universe Online: Life after F2P – anger and segregation

Anime Courtyard says: "Has been six days since DC Universe Online went the free to play route on last november 1st. The amount of people downloading and joining the game has been truly overwhelming, there is both positive and negative aspects for the fans of this MMORPG.
The opening to F2P players to DC Universe Online arised old and new problems for the community. Including huge and sometimes absurd login queues, I’m not exaggerating when i tell you this. You can try to log and you will be number 6000 in line waiting for 20 to 30 minutes, just to play."

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DrRobotnik2562d ago

I loved this game when it came out. But after they turned all the servers into one,it has become barely playable. Haven't been back since.

vortis2562d ago

They deserve to shutdown and die. WTF is up with the queue?

Why go F2P if you won't even open enough servers to get people online? Wasted 15gig downloading this game and the Create-a-Hero isn't even as good as Champions Online.

I was willing to try out the gameplay but after waiting 20 minutes in queue (2000 out of 3425) I just gave up.

ECM0NEY2562d ago

Just a fyi most of the costume pieces have to be unlocked through gameplay.

yesmynameissumo2562d ago

As they add more servers for the demand, it will improve. I'm having a blast so far.

HeavenlySnipes2562d ago

I just hate the freaking lvl 30's that come and troll everyone else. Yes we know you are all powerful and can rape all of us, but leave us the FUCK ALONE.

Also, I haven't seen any hate from people, I've been invited by playing members to groups and been helped with missions. I'm thinking of upgrading to premium.

Simon_Brezhnev2562d ago

Im a lvl 30 but i know for a fact heroes act like villians in PVP server. They gang up on all villians they cant take us one on one.

Miraak82 2562d ago

there's a portal in the Hall of doom and watchtower that you can instantly switch between pve and pvp phases FYI if you wanna lv up in piece

Simon_Brezhnev2561d ago

i know thelastwakening im just saying how the hero's act and im on the pve side anyways.

soundslike2562d ago

you should rally up your brethren to take revenge and hopefully end up in a massive battle

thats how open world rpg pvp works..

i roam our own starting areas to fight gankers and vice versa. its part of the game.

Cybermario2561d ago

i have got positive experiences but i know people that got truly sad experiences with some veterans trying to vent frustration.

evildeli2562d ago

I have DCU on the PS3 and before going free there was virtually no queue. Last night I finally got in after waiting in queue on over 9000. They need to add more servers.

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The story is too old to be commented.