A glimpse of a next-gen Starwars

For those who haven't seen it before Xboxyde posted today a video of the next-gen Starwars demo Lucas arts showed behind closed doors during the last E3. The physics engine is the center piece of this presentation, and it remembers us of the "CellFactor" demo (AGEIA PhysiX tech demo) where the player can throw the objects everywhere in the scene...

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clayton5867d ago

Looks cool even though i do not like star wars games.

bung tickler5867d ago

wont hold a candle to mass effect. lucas shoulda let them make mass effect the next kotor like they wanted too.

calderra5867d ago

Ummmm... if no one noticed, the start of the vid says "pre-vis". This means generally pre-rendered visual elements that will be used as reference material during production.

Meaning there's absoutely nothing about this video related at all to the game except from a conceptual standpoint.

Meaning you might as well pop in the Theatrical Trilogy (out now on DVD!!! MUAHAHAH!!!) and watch that. Got your DVD in? Now fast-forward to the Death Star sequence.

OMG this game looks so good! I can't believe how realisic that explosion was! These textures are amazing! <--- just as valid as commenting on the video in the article

USMChardcharger5867d ago

i like where they are going with this. Lucas Arts are stepping up their tech for next gen for sure.
indy stuff looks cool too.
movie or not, things are going to be good for them.

Yo Wassap5867d ago

If it was pre-rendered then it was some pretty shoddy work, the pysics looked good and realistic but the characters were definately not spectacular. What they might have done it taken the game engine and used it to create a movie clip which had been pre-rendered using the game engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.