Bioware and EA send NeoGAF a Cease and Desist notice over Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

DSOGaming writes: "Earlier today, we found out that some internal story files for Mass Effect 3 have been leaked. Those who read those spoilers already know how Bioware's upcoming action/RPG game ends, who lives and who dies. And although Jesse Houston stated at Bioware's official forum that those story files contained information that was out of date, EA and Bioware sent a cease and desist notice to the well-known gaming forum, NeoGAF."

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360ICE2752d ago

Bioware decides who lives and who dies!
Stop the fascism! Police state!

OmegaSlayer2752d ago

I wonder if EA/Bioware spanked Microsoft enough, since they're the only people responsible.
And it's not the first time those things happen on MS platforms.

MAJ0R2751d ago

yeah its like going after the messenger, MS is the one who screwed up so sue them EA leave NeoGaf alone

DragonKnight2751d ago

Leaks of all kinds happen across all platforms. Hell, the leak could have come from within Bioware themselves and made its way to MS and then out. There should be any lawsuits. If people want the game ruined, then they'll have to face the consequences of a dumbed down experience based on their own foolishness.

MultiConsoleGamer2752d ago

NeoGAF represents everything that is wrong with modern gaming.

Emilio_Estevez2752d ago

What r u talking about? How so?

papashango2752d ago

Ya I don't get this. Neogaf and their love for games is more genuine than alot of ppl here... I won't be playing it btw if the origin rumor is true

STONEY42752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Do you even know about NeoGAF? If anything, NeoGAF is one of the more civilized forums out there. People there are much less console-warish than you'll see in most other places. Even a good number of developers post on there.

SonyNGP2752d ago

Plus, they have an official MLP thread!

2752d ago
Titanz2752d ago

Dang dude, that article, " blew my mind!".

Great post.

oldjadedgamer2752d ago

NeoGAF has trolls too? No way, thanks for pointing that out!!!

MultiConsoleGamer2752d ago

Its amazing that the NeoGAF defense force is so afraid of what I have said they have marked my comments as spam.

Well kids, here's a re-cap. Censored content, hiding PSP hardware numbers from public view for 7 months straight, Drinky Crow, "sell your DS it's all over," Tyler Malka gets paid, etc, etc, etc...

kaveti66162751d ago

" Censored content, hiding PSP hardware numbers from public view for 7 months straight,"

Hiding PSP hardware numbers?

If anyone would be blamed for that it would be Sony. How is a forum responsible for hiding numbers that a manufacturer knows about? As for censorship, Neogaf censors content and bans people who troll in order to maintain a civilized atmosphere.

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Tilian2752d ago

I'm on NeoGaf. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Emilio_Estevez2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Neogaf is still the most respected gaming forum.

It is helping Naughty Dog fix some Uncharted 3 issues, with the dev inviting 2 members to come to their office and show them the issues in person.

Also, trying to solve the recent xbl theft increases related to Fifa somehow.

They are a value to the industry and are certainly the most level headed of any forum out there. It's filled with journalists and devs alike, interacting with the people who use their content.

Don't talk down on GAF and promote your crap site.

Ddouble2752d ago

Neogaf is one of the best gaming forums. I've seen so many articles that quote posts in neogaf as their source and no one quesions it because of their reputation.

Psychic_Waffle2752d ago

NeoGAF represents everything that is wrong with modern gaming?

It's odd that someone would say that on N4G of all places...

john22752d ago

Totally disagree with that.

awi59512752d ago

Only this site is worse lol.

Redempteur2751d ago

Jealous because you couldn't get in ?

Or maybe you were able to get in but got banned because of your nonsense ?

Don't hate on Gaf ..It was your fault.

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Chinner2752d ago ShowReplies(2)
chak_2752d ago

morons spoiling the fun of everybody with spoilers (and leaked on top of that).

I approve bioware decision to shut'em up.

yesmynameissumo2752d ago

Morons for adding the beta to the dash to begin with. Of course there would be spoilers, I don't blame the people who were given the ability to spoil it. I blame EA/Bioware/Microsoft.

NYC_Gamer2752d ago

you are not forced to watch the videos or read any of the info

gamingdroid2752d ago

No, but you might accidentally read it.

People screwed up Gears 3 for me that way. Would you like it if people posted spoilers for Uncharted 3?

NYC_Gamer2752d ago


i don't really care about what people post since it would be my choice to click on the video/article....i would have myself to blame since wasn't forced at gun point but optional.

gamingdroid2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

You are not "forced" to listen to people say racial slurs, threaten you or otherwise say things. Heck, our children isn't forced to view pornographic material in public, yet we seek to limit that.

So "not being forced", doesn't mean it is acceptable. I can only imagine if a major review site had major spoilers and what the outrage would be from their viewers.

But I get it, it doesn't affect you so you don't care....

MaxMurdoch2752d ago

Gaming droid doesnt understand what personal responsibility is. If you dont want spoilers about an upcoming game, why in the world would you be browsing forums looking for that kind of info? Im sure NEOGAF guys had it posted with spoiler warnings.

No one ruined GEOW3 for you but yourself. next time dont be a fool and look for spoilers prior to game release.

awi59512751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

People put huge spoilers in the TAG line i know alot of sites i have to hurry and look away. Like the huge spoiler for the new batman game they tell you what happens at then end. I had to pretend i didnt see that since i havent finished the first one yet. I have like 20 games on steam i haven't completed yet because i go nuts during steam holiday sales. Dead space 2 is another game i got for like 7 bucks i havent play'd yet. And the next time game of the year boarderlands comes up for 7 bucks. I have to buy it because I been looking at it for a year now.

Redempteur2751d ago


The spoilers were in a SPOILER THREAD and under SPOILERS TAGS.

if you read those by accident , then shame on you !!

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Risque2752d ago

By doing this, they have ensured the level of coverage will increase and the likelihood of individuals being spoiled prior to release has gone up. Unless you approve of BioWare getting embarrassed for making Bad Decisions (after suffering DA2, it warms my black heart), then I don't see why you'd be celebrating.

gamingdroid2752d ago

I approve Bioware's action too. It is most definitely in the best interest of the consumer.

It's unfortunate that this is leaked, but hopefully it isn't posted all over this forum.

jeeves862752d ago

How long have you been on the Internet, man? Of course it's going to be posted.

A lot of people won't even have the courtesy to post inside the actual content of a thread, they'll just go balls-out and post it in the title.

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phello2752d ago

More of this please hate people spoiling the endings, some prick posted a comment about how la noire and heavy rain ended on purpose. Those were just random f*cktards but these sites should know better.

tigertron2752d ago

I remember some douche sending me a PM spoiling the Heavy Rain ending.

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