GameSpy's Questions and Concerns About Skyrim

Gamespy: Bethesda is promising to deliver its biggest and best open-world adventure yet when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches on Friday, and while we've already donned our horned helm and Gauntlets of Mouse Clicking in anticipation, we've also got a few questions about the RPG that have us concerned TES 5 won't be everything it's cracked up to be.

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360ICE2755d ago

Nonono. You don't need no literature! All you need is to FEEL IT! Seriously guys, this game is gonna kick ice!

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MajorJackHoff2755d ago

The only worry I have is that this game will feature some serious bugs.

Imagine how surprising it would be if the game is actually pretty damn polished for once?

kma2k2755d ago

My only concern is since this game is so new there wont be any wiki guides on bug workarounds. Other than that just give me the game & leave me alone for a month or two :)

baboom2232755d ago

Pretty legitimate concerns, although I have faith in Bethesda . my main issue would have been with bugs, but with this new system they've developed, I don't see how there could be a lot of problems. :D

Danniel12755d ago

I've bought every major Bethesda release in the last 5 years and i've yet to be affected by any serious game breaking bugs. Must just be lucky.

Bigpappy2755d ago

This PC centric blabble is annoying.

Here is the kicker: Bathesda has been leading on 360 starting with oblivion. That includes Fallout3 and may be Vagas which they helped on. I didn't here all out this negative sentiment when those games were released. Now skyrim is set to be released with a crap load of hype, so some PC guy is going to cry about the game starting on 360. I could understand if it were the PS3 guys, as they were burnt by 360 ports in the past. But Bathesdas reason for using the 360, is that the tools make their production easier and more efficient. They can then focus on finetunning graphichis and sound once everything is up running.

2755d ago