Skyrim Day One Patch Detailed

Earlier this morning, a patch for Skyrim on consoles went live and Bethesda revealed the details as to what the patch does just recently.

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rabidpancakeburglar2590d ago

Wow that explosion of detail nearly blew my mind /s

Adexus2590d ago

Nearly? My mind couldn't contain all of the information and it imploded.

lastdual2590d ago

Did you read the part about fixing issues? Fascinating stuff.

I'll have to sit down and analyze it all later on when I have time to read through the extensive list of meticulously described updates. Too much for me to process right now.

norman292590d ago

I want my damn click back :@

siroutlaw2589d ago

I want my slight acknowledgement back.

ArabianKnight012589d ago

Fine! So long they dont make me wait any longer!

Bleucrunch2589d ago

this whole gen has been bug filled man not just bethesda....all developers have been lazy with the coding this gen...something that was not as ramped last gen...smh to those who this game will not be as buggy as the others I say more power to you....I on the other hand am not as optimistic.

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Roper3162590d ago

A day 1 patch for a single player game is never a good sign, especially if you look back at how buggy & glitchy some of their games have been this gen.

rabidpancakeburglar2590d ago

From what I've read, which is quite a lot, most people think this game runs very smoothly. This is also a new engine and they have taken a new approach to testing for bugs and glitches so it would be inappropriate to compare this to their previous games this generation.

SITH2590d ago

I rather have a day one than a day seventy patch!

SilentNegotiator2590d ago

I'd rather have the game not be filled with bugs when it goes gold. I'll wait for the "GOTY" edition so that they have their crap together and I don't pay double to play all the content they release. There are enough games releasing that I can wait.

raWfodog2589d ago

It's not a bad sign if they made some tweaks to the code after the game has gone gold. It's just easier and cheaper to make it a patch rather than re-press the game again.

PhunnyJesta2589d ago

and not just with going gold, before that the certification process takes months and bethesda can't touch the game data while the certification is taking place or it has to go through the process again. I am glad though someone understands that game data can't be touched a peroid of time before the game is released lol thus the day one patch.

Source: TotalBiscuits Mailbox episode when trendynet emailed TB explaining the certification process

sohaben2590d ago

Heeeeere we go....please let this game be bug free....

Raider692590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

20hours in!I can say this is for now the most bug free game bethesta have release!Its smooth play i has really impressed by how smooth the game runs even on combat heavy situation,and i dont see any of those texture loading problems that have appears in the other article!Im playing the 360 version and i have to say that this is Bethesda greatest rpg,im hunger to play more and more,i dream about it....marvellous !

Tainted Gene2590d ago

quick question:

if your not in the industry and you didn't pirate the leaked xbox copy, how did u get the game early?

thx in advance

Tainted Gene2589d ago

i know that, I meant from which store chain or city to see if I might try to snag one for myself

andrewsqual2589d ago

He probably works in retail, like me lol. I can say the PS3 version is perfect too. I just can't get over not being able to pickup/drag things like items and bodies, sniff.

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