Afterfall: Insanity – Official PC Preview: BootHammer

We were treated to a preview build by Nicholas Games and I must say our entire crew is already wanting to continue our journey. Imagine if you blended up different elements from Dead Space, Alan Wake and Eternal Darkness and then threw in your own unique spin into the mix. This is what Afterfall: Insanity has pulled off and we are all pleasantly surprised with the game thus far. We believe this will appeal to a broad fan base and I encourage all you gamers to keep an eye on this one.

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TrendyGamers2564d ago

Looks good! Cant wait for the review.

BootHammer2564d ago

It definitely has traits from Dead Space, Alan Wake and Eternal Darkness. It's shaping up to be a fantastic game.

AngryXboxGuy2564d ago

I wanna get this! Looks great!

ashbc2564d ago

Looks good, I think I'll wait for the full review before I go buying it though. It wouldn't be the first blended game to take different elements from successful titles and make a failure of a game.