The news in Photoshops: Battlefield 3 fails to kill COD, GTA5 back to San Andreas, and more

Bitmob Staff Writer Samir Torres recaps last week's biggest gaming news with hilarious photoshops.

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THR1LLHOUSE2562d ago

GTA: San Andreas was so cool. I hope the new one lives up to that, even if it will probably be focused on one city (which is probably the smarter choice anyway).

THR1LLHOUSE2562d ago

Also, did anyone *really* expect Battlefield to do much better than it did? I'm just curious...

I feel like the game would've done better if they'd released it early next year.

NagaSotuva2562d ago

Yeah, EA should have skipped Medal of Honor and go straight to Battlefield 3.

Topshelfcheese2562d ago

ya, EA should of just skipped 6-8million sales of Medal of Honor...

Sadie21002562d ago

Haha, that picture is hilarious, but no way would I solicit the services of a woman who calls herself "Ms. Pac-Man." That's just not right...or safe!

NagaSotuva2562d ago

When will Ultros get his own game?