Skyward Sword and the perfect score: How to keep your Wii up

Edge magazine gives Skyward Sword a perfect score, but does the game represent honed craft or a swan song for Nintendo?

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DonaldBeck2756d ago

big zelda fan, i cant wait for skyward sword.

acronkyoung2756d ago

Might sit this one out. I get sick of the Zelda formula if I play every single release, and I played through Twilight Princess. Been a few years, though. I'll probably give it a try at least.

silkrevolver2756d ago

They’ve changed the formula quite a bit. All of the previews I’ve read have said it’s the freshest Zelda since OoT.

THR1LLHOUSE2756d ago

I love Nintendo, always have, and the Zelda games are great, but...I dunno. I really liked TP but never found the will to actually beat it, and this one I'm not really that interested in at all...It's tragic, I guess.

Sadie21002756d ago

I find it funny Edge "accidentally" published that review early and broke an embargo. Well, Edge is probably one of the more professional outlets out there, but who makes that kind of mistake?

Apocwhen2756d ago

I didn't realize it was pulled from their site. Maybe Nintendo never told them it wasn't to be published.

Because I remember they posted several days beforehand saying when it would appear on their site. And it has already been published in their December issue 2 weeks ago.

fashionfreakj862756d ago

Skyward Sword will rape everyone in the A$$ for Game of the Year!!! part is, no one will suspect it till the release date when the full reviews come out!!!

Honky Kong2756d ago

Zelda will be great. I bet a few places will call it game of the year or decade but a lot more will overlook it because its a Wii game. I think people forget so fast or are just too young to realize who nintendo really is.

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