The need for modern cell phones in Grand Theft Auto 5

It's hard to be a baller in Grand Theft Auto with a cheap-ass cell phone. Rockstar Games needs to hook it up!

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acronkyoung2754d ago

Imagine what sort of apps Rockstar could sell to you through your in game cell phone. That's simultaneously cool and awful sounding.

seinfan2754d ago

They may incorporate DLC into the phone's menu.

THR1LLHOUSE2754d ago

Do you get locked into an in-game 2 year contract?

DasTier2754d ago

"The need for cell phones not to make a reappearance in Grand Theft Auto 5" *Fixed

Agheil2754d ago

lol is this actually a whole article on wanting updated cellphones in gta 5 LOL......article quality is dying

ThatArtGuy2754d ago

At least this takes a little bit of creativity. It's much better than *another* top ten list.

Agheil2754d ago

both are about the same i really just want some news, but this type of stuff gives me a good laugh so I got nothin against the author.

Pikajew2754d ago

There were cellphones in GTA SA and vice city. I think people forget this

RockYou2754d ago

the author didn't say those games didn't have them. He was just looking at the most recent game in the series (well, he could have mentioned the DLC, technically).

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