Star Wars: The Old Republic to Feature Achievements

Fansite Q&A with the makers of SWTOR confirms achievements are in the game.

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Kran2627d ago


I've heard rumors but at least this confirms it :)

lifesanrpg2627d ago

It just keeps getting better

SephirothX212627d ago

Yay because without achievements, games are pointless! /s

Zeal0t2626d ago

No but they add another layer of value, fun and challenges to the game. Not that a mmo with so much content needs this but its certainly nice to have.

Beahmscream2627d ago

Honestly couldnt care less, unlessss they actually reward you somehow.

Myze2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Wonder if it will have one of those achievements like in FFXI where you have to level every class to max level. Granted, it seems it will be a lot easier in TOR, it would still be insane. ;)

While I'm not big on achievements one way or the other, it's always nice to have extra features that in no way hinder the game.